The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has announced the distribution route for L’Indien malcommode

The Canadian National Film Board (NFB) has announced the distribution route for “L’Indien malcommode”

After a series of important consultations that brought together all the Aboriginal participants whose story was presented in the film, as well as the Aboriginal Advisory Committee of the National Film Council of Canada,NFBBAnd the 90 parallel productions And Producer Jesse Winty has managed to chart a responsible path forward when it comes to Indian uncomfortable. This track involves learning about the collective contribution of the indigenous participants who appear on screen. The film will be available for distribution as an educational resource and for community screenings beginning in fall 2022. All the richness of the film.

This way forward also includes publishing Indian uncomfortable In the world premiere on all channelsAPTN Friday, April 8, 2022 at 9 pm The film will also be broadcast the next day Light APTN.

Broadcast schedule:

  • aptn e/hd – 9pm ET
  • aptn w – 9 pm. MT
  • aptn n – 9 PM CT

the movie

In this time of decisive change and fundamental reconsideration, Indian uncomfortable It highlights the brilliant deconstruction of North American colonial discourse by Thomas King, who rewrote this history through the powerful voices of those who continue the tradition of indigenous resistance.

run out of Michael Latimer, Indian uncomfortable Stars Thomas King, Kristi Belcourt, Alethia Arnack-Barrell, Nayla Inoxuk, The Hallows’ Nation, Skawinati, Jason Edward Lewis, Carman Tozer, Stephen Lonsdale and Kent Monkman. The film was produced by Stuart Henderson (90 parallel productions), Justin Bimlott (NFB), and Jesse Winty; Gordon Henderson of 90 Parallel Productions and Anita Lee, president of NFB’s Ontario Studio in Toronto, executive producer.

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