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The Norwegian army asked to leave its underwear to their successors

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The official NRK channel reported on Friday that Norwegian recruits will now have to return their panties, bras and socks after their military service to their successors, as the Norwegian Army faces inventory problems.

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Until recently, it was customary to allow demobilized recruits to leave their garrison in the underwear that was given to them while serving under the flag.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously complicated the flow of supplies, leading the Norwegian Army last year to call on recruits to hand over the most intimate effects of their package.

“Now that we have chosen to reuse this part of the package, it helps us increase turnover and increase equipment delivery capacity. We have very little in stock,” Army Logistics spokesperson Hans Messingst told NRK.

“The clothes are washed, cleaned and checked. What we distribute is in good condition.

However, a representative of the recruits criticized the frequency of failures that could affect operational capabilities.

“Severe shortages of equipment and clothing can affect operational readiness and, at worst, a soldier’s safety,” Eric Sewell Eksund told trade newspaper Forswarets Forum.

Norway, which guards the northern border of NATO against neighboring Russia, maintains unisex military service and annually calls up about 8000 boys and girls for service, that is, only a small part of this age group.

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