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To find your smartphone in any situation

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The Find My iPhone or Find My iPhone functionality is part of the Find My app. Apple preinstalls this app on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and

Apple has integrated object and friend tracking apps into an app called Find My. It is used to find what you want. The Cupertino company has continued to improve its app by adding features. The app allows today Track an iPhone that is not connected, locked, or has its ID deleted.

What is the “Find my iPhone” feature?

In older versions of iOS, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends were completely different. Apple combined it into a single app from iOS 13. The latter allows you Locate your devices when ordering Based on Check your loved one’s website.

This feature allows its owner to track their iPhones, but also allows them to lose their iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. “Find my iPhone” can be accessed from another device To find out his last location.

Find my iPhone Reduces the risk of losing your iO devicess. Once this app is enabled on the iPad, iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch, the device cannot be unlocked without the iCloud password of the original account.

How do I activate the “Find my iPhone” feature?

To get more chances Find your smartphone In case of loss, remember to activate Find my iPhone on your device. You are also required to activate it on your iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.


To do this, go to ” Settings “. Then click Menu “Choose your account” It also indicates Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store. then go to “Find”.

Turn on the feature Submit another location. This will allow you to save your iPhone’s last location before its battery runs out. You may lose your iPhone and not have an internet connection. In this case, you will still be able to enable offline search.

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You can also activate the feature Share my location. It allows those close to you to locate you. If you turn it on, everyone in your family will be able to see your location.

How do you interact with someone who shares their location?

By default, you will be able to see which family members are using Apple products. Moreover, they can share their location with you. You will just have to open the Find My app and Click on the Contacts option. The names of all users who share their locations will be displayed on the map.

Click on the person’s name It sparks your interest in interacting with it. You can send messages, email and even call him. Clicking on the route will launch Apple Maps and receive step-by-step directions to its location.

You can even be notified of his arrival or departure from a particular location by clicking on the link Add under notifications list.

How do you find a lost iPhone?

You can track a lost iPhone using the Find My app from another device or from Start by opening the Find My app. Now go to the “Devices” tab located in the left pane. Click this Hardware option For a list of all registered Apple devices.

Locate and locate the lost device. If the map indicates that the device you are looking for is in your immediate surroundings, you can click “read audio”. You will then hear the sound being played on your iPhone. Which facilitates its location.

Apple Maps can also tell you that your device is far enough away from where you are. Click on Way option then go. The map will give you step-by-step instructions to guide you where your iPhone is.

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If you can’t get your iPhone back, send it a message to address the person who found it. You can even mark it as missing. To do this, click “mark missing”, Then click on “Activate” and then on “Continue”. Your phone then goes into lock mode with the information that allows you to contact you displayed on the screen.

If you think your iPhone has been stolen, swipe your finger up on the left part of the screen. Then click “Erase this device” Then on “Continue”. Follow all the steps to completely erase all data from your device.

If the device is still offline during this process, it will receive and execute your commands once you are back online. However, remember: only run this command when you are sure that you can no longer recover your device. Once erased, You won’t be able to follow him anymore.

How do I turn off Find My iPhone?

Only Find Find should be disabled When selling the device in the question. This feature must also be deactivated When you send your iPhone to Apple for repair. The company is already asking to deactivate this service to generate a return code. Apple Support will explicitly ask you to turn off Find My iPhone before sending your device in for repair.

To turn off Find My iPhone, you have to go to Settings. Then go to the menu Choose your accountthen to Locate before arriving at disable. Authenticate by entering your iCloud password. You can now turn off Find My iPhone.

Is it possible to bypass Apple Activation Lock?

To unlock a locked iPhone, Mac, or iPad with an iCloud account, you need to Enter the account password. You can also contact Apple to unlock. However, the company only opens it if you show it the original proof of purchase. This guide must contain the serial number of your iPhone in order to unlock it.

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If you forgot a file Password for your accountAnd Restore it by resetting it. Use the email address you associated with your account. This policy allows Apple to protect its customers from attempted theft.

Find Your Lost AirPods, Another Feature of Find My

If the Find My app is enabled on your iPhone, it will be so It is automatically activated on your AirPods. So it also allows you to find your AirPods if you lost them due to misfortune and you are not in their condition.

As long as these AirPods are nearby, you will be able to locate them through Find My. These headphones may be out of range, have a dead battery, or are out of the box. The app can still help you by referring to The time and place the last call was made.

If you can locate your AirPods on a map, you will be able to craft them play a sound.

How do I get the benefits of the Find My app?

To be able to use this app and take full advantage of its features, consider Update your devices. Your smartphone must be able to Run iOS 13 or later To be able to take advantage of the Find My iPhone feature.

To update it, you need to go to the Settings tab and then the General menu before clicking Software Update for iPhone and iPad.

Mac computers must have a file Catalina version or a later version, to take advantage of Find My.

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