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The novelty of the big games at the beginning of 2022

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Monday January 17 2022

Focus on Playstation Spartacus!

This will definitely be the novelty of the big games at the start of the year! Playstation wants to rework its subscription system, in particular to compete with Microsoft Xbox Game Pass. A new product calledSpartacus“!

Inside this subscription, we will find for that Access to games and online games offered every month as currently on PS Plus. but also Demos, game streaming and many old games PSOne, PS2, PS3 as in PS now; finally Catalog of games similar to Xbox Game Pass It will be present for PS4 and newer PS5 titles, in particular to promote PlayStation StudioSony’s internal development and publishing group. All this should be a habit between 9 € and 12 € per month on Playstation 4Playstation 5 and a little later on PC, for the cloud gaming stage!

Preparing for launch

As expected this The new subscription service will merge the two that already exist, Playstation Plus and Playstation Now ! Rumors are at the base and are coming true on the ground since Sony is currently ordering various US, Canadian and British retailers. All PS Now cards removed from sale. In France, they should start to disappear from this week. An official announcement is expected in a few weeks from A Spring launch !

content diversification

Let’s not forget to diversify the content. The platforms strive to offer as many products as possible through a single account and subscription. Sony is no exception to the rule Integrates with Spartacus, PS Plus Video Pass, offer that gives access to Movies and series from Sony Pictures. The service is currently being tested as in Poland, for a possible launch in the spring.

Playstation Plus Video Pass © Radio France

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