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The revolution is a rich human experience

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The final four contestants for the third season of “Revolution” are now known. The trio of Cindy, Rahman, Yoehr and Willow and the duo of Yannick, Ileana and Tommy will face each other in the final next Sunday. But participating in this show is as rich an experience in human terms as it is in terms of dance.

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For Tommy Durand, being in the final is a dream come true. “I never thought it was possible that I would be able to reach the final. I am very happy and very proud to have the opportunity to perform next week.” By his own admission, this experience completely changed him. “I learned to create choreography very quickly, since I created all my numbers. I was also able to develop new abilities which changed my whole perception of movements. Before, I had a very good technique, but I have the impression that I became a real dancer and not just an artist.”

The show also has an effect on the man behind the dancer. “I’ve been able to turn the page on some of the most difficult moments of my life, especially thanks to my recent issue. It was a topic that still touches me a lot. I also improved my responsible side because there was so much to manage for the ‘Revolution’. It was an incredible experience. “

Effects on many levels

In parallel with the show, the young man is currently at the end of his session at Cégep, where he studies in the humanities, with an administrative file. “I realize I am very late. I am working even harder to be able to finish my final exams while keeping my averages as high as they are now. It is very stressful.”

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Tommy Durand has also discovered a new power through this second participation in “The Revolution”. “My goal was to reach the semi-finals, and I was able to make it. I was able to create a beautiful number to tell my story, I am really happy. I will remember that when I have a goal in life, I have to put all the energy to achieve it, and to surpass myself to be able to access it.

This adventure even strengthened her husband. “My girlfriend is always with me, she is often present at rehearsals. The show allowed us to develop our relationship further. “

Tommy’s future is completely open now. “I think I can go on as a professional dancer, but also as a choreographer. I would also like to run the dance studio where I go now. I’m getting more into the dance world than I ever expected.”

Cindy, Rahman and Yohir, 20, 25 and 30, Montreal

While Yoher and Rahmane are currently in Europe creating a new Cirque du Soleil show, Cindy has confirmed that the trio’s goal from the start is to win $100,000.

“Furthermore, we particularly wanted the performance and all our numbers to be better than the previous one.” If they excelled in every aspect of their appearance, then everything is not so simple. “There are times that are always more difficult than others,” the daughter of the trio asserted. We are a new trio, discovering ourselves as artists, but also as people. There can be misunderstandings, especially since we come from different backgrounds and different dance styles, but it also creates magical and extraordinary encounters. Maybe you had to go through all these moments to be stronger.”

Cindy explains that she explored a lot while working with the boys. “I was more independent, worked alone on my projects. Working together, I also learned a lot in terms of communication. I am a very calm person, but I had to fight the fear of getting out of things, even if it didn’t work out. I learned to trust myself at every step.” On the road “.

Willow, 22 and 23, Montreal

Laura and William are very happy to reach the final of ‘Revolution’. “It is a huge victory for us. Laura made it clear from the start that the last number we wanted in the final, and all our numbers are tied to that. We are proud of our ability to stay at the core of who we are. It’s a great opportunity to get to the final while we’re able to be ourselves.”

Despite the doubts and questions, the duo maintained a positive state of mind throughout the experience. “We’ve proven that we can,” William said. We know we’re different and we’re not yet at the end of our potential.” While waiting for the final, the two friends are already thinking about the post-revolution phase. “We want to move towards a more choreographic, perhaps less performing aspect,” Laura said. Experiencing our own interests individually, while staying together through certain decades.”

William would very much like to move into the artistic direction while Laura wants to develop as a choreographer. A full Willow Show, with two choreographers and/or performers, is also in their plans.

Yannick and Eliana, 22 and 23, Montreal

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Yannick and Ileana embark on the “revolution” adventure suddenly and without any expectations. Finding themselves a finalist in this third season underscores their potential. “It’s an appreciation for our work and talent, which we often question,” Yannick said. We started with people who were probably more prepared than us.” At every step, they were able to show a different side of the duo and their energy.

Being on this show has turned them around. “We sometimes had tight deadlines to generate numbers, and were able to find quick and efficient ways to get a result. We also learned to trust each other. It is important to believe in what you are doing and to go into things without knowing all the details up front.” Yannick admits that this adventure made them evolve as human beings. “When you have an idea or want something, you shouldn’t ask too much and look for it. We have taken a lot of maturity during this adventure. We feel more calm, we are more in our place in life.”

Like the other three finalists, the duo is happy to be a part of the “Revolution” tour, which will resume next March. “In the hip-hop world, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to tour with a dance performance. So it’s a chance to be a part of it. It’s going to be a really triple experience.”

They go to the final:

Cindy, Rahman and Yohir, 20, 25 and 30, Montreal
Tommy Durand, 19, Quebec
Willow, 22 and 23, Montreal
Yannick and Eliana, 22 and 23, Montreal

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