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Some soap operas know exactly when to bend over. This is clearly not the case with You are, which is landing on Netflix with a useless and unfortunately redundant third season.

First a warning: This script contains some spoilers about the second season of You are. If it is still in sleep mode in the Netflix queue, we advise you to stop reading here.

Here we find Joe and Love shortly after the events of the previous season. A small reminder for those whose memory would have fallen off the grand finale, which aired two years ago: The couple left us the next day for an important discovery. In fact, love is also in the grip of murderous impulses that it struggles to control.

Joe and Love is back for Season 3 of You on Netflix.

Image courtesy, Netflix

Joe and Love is back for Season 3 of You on Netflix.

Now married, they hope to turn the page on their past by offering themselves a fresh start in suburban California where they plan to raise their son Henry. In the eyes of the neighborhood, Joe and Love represent the perfect couple. But beneath the surface, the family man is already back to his bad habits, shall we say. And the sweet neighbor soon becomes the target of a sick obsession in season three, which was dismantled Friday by Netflix.

new dynamic

While we had hoped that the couple’s new dynamic would come to shuffle the cards of a series with redundant intrigue, You are It doesn’t take long to sink into repetition. Sure, we’re dealing here with two killers instead of one. But other than that, we find the same cycles, the same The method of work Even the glass cage, this time installed in the basement of the pastry shop opened by Love.

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However, it is not due to lack of will. Creators are constantly multiplying avenues—including couples therapy sessions, regular flashbacks and a swinger party, no less—to try to get Joe Wolf off the beaten track.

However, we often ditch some promising avenues to get the couple back to exactly where we expected it to be.

Fortunately, there is still the undeniable charisma of Ben Badgley and Victoria Pedretti, and perhaps the only element that has allowed us to make it to the end of Episode 10.

Do You are Is it a disaster? No. Some fans will find their accounts. But this third season is bitterly disappointing, giving us the impression that its creators have taken the park tours. Let’s hope that the fourth, which has already been confirmed, can prove the opposite.

The third season of You are Currently streaming on Netflix.

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