The second “exciting” season of the comedy “Happiness”

It’s been an open secret: the comedy “Le bonheur” will return for a second season on TVA next January, and author François Avard promises a more “nibble” sequel.

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A true popular success, the Millionaire series (confirmed numbers from Numeris show an average of 1.9 million viewers during the first episode on January 5) will therefore continue beyond the conclusion of the first edition, which airs on Wednesday.

Author Francois Avard, who signs the scripts with Daniel Gagnon, told QMI that he intended to foot the bill because there had been no “lifting of shields” regarding the tone and topics discussed thus far.

“We’re going to go further, even in the bite. There hasn’t been much reaction to what we’ve done, so, devil, we tell ourselves we have to move on because what we’ve always hoped for is [brasser] “The World,” noting that the first three episodes of the sequel had already been written.

“The world is capable of taking in much more than we think. Do we still say everything with humor? I think so! We are looking for a lot of work that we can not tell. We can fall into vulgarity, but we try to shock more with social phenomena.” […] We want to be shocked by what is said, not by what we show. Shock with reflections, the world around us, loke, racism, diversity, more than gratuitous vulgarity.

Where is happiness, where is it?

Francois (Michel Charette) and Melanie (Sandrine Besson) have to make big decisions about their futures in Wednesday’s final. Their lives have become a real hell since François left his teaching job to live in the countryside, and imposed this project on his lover and their son Étienne (Sam-Éloi Girard), addicted to social networks.

And since it was Carole (Louise Bombardier), her annoying mother-in-law, who financed the purchase of the family home called The Basin, it had to be repaid.

François Avard said the couple would stay in the countryside where he would “drown even more” into his sleepless nightmare. François and Melanie actually live near smelly pigs, on the land where Hydro-Québec has access (including toilets and a fridge!) and where ATVs and ski-doos make their engines look like hell.

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Carol Ann is back!

All main characters will return, including plotter Jocelyn (Guillaume Cyr) as well as François’ former schoolmates, such as Serge (Laurent Paquin), Daniel (François Chénier), Eric (Marc Fournier) or Judith (Marie-Joanne) Boucher.

“There are characters who don’t usually come back, but we loved them so much that they will,” said the author, speaking especially of the frankly funny realtor Carol-Anne Lapointe-Saint-Jacques (Monica Bellon), who would inherit more generous degrees. Patrick Howard even hired Carol Ann when his La Tour apartment was up for sale, and so he moved on to another TVA show. The buyer you will find will succeed Carol Ann Patrick at the helm of this daily meeting devoted to frank and open discussions.

Produced by Aetios Productions, in collaboration with TVA and Quebecor Content, the comedy “Le bonheur” airs every Wednesday at 9:30pm. Season 1 will take place this evening.

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