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The suspension of bullfighting in Mexico City has been confirmed

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Bullfighting supporters can appeal this decision that hits Arena Mexico with a capacity of 50,000 people.

The judge ruled on a complaint from the association Justicia Justa Against bullfighting in the Mexican capital. He had already ordered a temporary suspension on May 27, the time to hear each other’s arguments.

Bullfighting circles confirmed that it will continue legal defense subordinate customs and traditions Mexicans.

It may take months for their potential appeal to be considered. So the federal judge’s decision will certainly lead to the cancellation of the next show scheduled for July 2, Pamplona This is a version for bulls in the vicinity of a bullring, similar to San Fermin of Pamplona in northern Spain.

Prohibitionists believe that the law treats bulls as Things And it ignores the suffering of animals.

Economy and Tradition c. animal welfare

In addition to a tradition dating back to the Spanish conquest in the sixteenth centurye century, bullfighting circles highlight its economic weight ($343 million and 80,000 jobs in 2018, according to the latest available official figures).

In December, Mexico City’s local Congress banned bullfighting shows, without a vote in plenary. Five of Mexico’s 32 states have already banned such performances.

The debate exists elsewhere in Latin America. Bull killing is prohibited in Bogota and Quito. Venezuela has canceled some bullfighting. In Peru, the court ruled against the ban.

Bullfighting is allowed in Portugal, Spain and France, where there is also debate. 75% of the French support banning bullfightingAccording to the explanatory note to a bill to ban, dated September 2021 at the French Senate.

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