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The Upside Down is a movie based on the novel by Fred Vargas

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Discover this film directed by Jose Dayan based on a book by author Fred Vargas.

The wolves returned to Mercantour and the shepherds didn’t like them at all. Many of their sheep were found massacred. There is no doubt that wolves are to blame. Shepherds are on alert. But something piques their interest: It’s the size of these bites. Many locals believe in a werewolf. For a Canadian bear defense specialist to come to the site to watch the wolves does not necessarily satisfy the villagers. This guy wraps himself up a bit and harasss the locals. But he fell in love with wolves. In addition, there is the beautiful and crazy Camille whose arms block him a little, Camille whose bed-book contains a catalog of professional instruments and who, on request, is a plumber or a musician. In Paris, Superintendent Adamsberg closely follows the case, and it is he who often rubs his shoulders with wolves at his grandfather. Returning to Mercantour, he finds Camille who had a rather complicated love affair … But Adamsberg knows very well that it is likely to get worse, and that those called wolves will not only attack sheep … Events will prove him right …

“L’homme à l’envers” will be seen on Wednesday, June 29th at 8:35 pm in La Trois.

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