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Maria Gill
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Some schools have already skipped the steps. This is what a “campus” is like without a real teacher or courses, 42 Quebeca subsidiary of the Paris corporation of the same name in Quebec: It recently opened in Quebec, and aims to train young people for new careers in information and computer technology.

We also spoke to you a long time ago – in 2016 – about the School of Technology: The goal was to find out how technology entered schools and whether technologies can really improve education.

But the perception of the school of the future is not only done through technology, as evidenced by the three axes from the school labPhysical environment, healthy and active lifestyle, diet.

How do you view school differently? Isabelle Bourgogne talks about it with:

Teaching still needs to be considered, especially if we are to improve our digital and scientific literacy. We must also make room for creativity. How is the school dismantled?

What has the epidemic taught us about the “traditional” school?

Why a campus without a teacher? And without degrees? Why do digital technologies require different learning?

What is a “maker culture”? Will these changes allow schools to be more inclusive? More collaborative?


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