TikTok Jump launched, a new feature for integrating third-party services خدمات

TikTok welcomes a new feature called Jump. This allows content creators to integrate third-party services into their video. For example, they can add a recipe link, Wikipedia page, Quizlet note cards, etc.

Certainly tik tokThe content is very diverse. Contrary to what some might think, it’s not just choreography videos aimed at teens. Content creators specialize in different fields such as Education, cooking, meditation, sports and crafts, etc. However, this does not prevent unreleased videos from spreading like a virus Video of a teenager pushing a bear with her bare hands in her garden.

TikTok’s new Jump feature – Credit: TikTok

TikTok just announced the arrival of a new feature. It’s called Jump and it allows file creatorsIntegrate third-party services directly into their videos. The social network explained that: TikTok Jumps are integrative, functional, and engaging mini programs designed by our partners to dynamically deepen and expand the TikTok experience into the real world. ».

With Jumps, creators on TikTok directly engage their community

TikTok shared a detailed video Recipe integration from the popular Whisk Cooking app. As you can see below, the creator chooses to add a link to their video post page. Then the list of compatible applications opens. By selecting Whisk, the creator can add a recipe link from the web or from Whisk communities. Then the recipe is shown and he can add it to his video.

When the video is posted, TikTok users see a button below the video. Clicking on it will open the app directly in TikTok to the selected content. The third party services compatible with TikTok Jumps are Breathwrk, Quizlet, StatMuse, Tabelog, Wikipédia et Whisk. social network Who recently added automatic subtitles He also made it clear that services like BuzzFeed, Jumprope, IRL, or WATCHA will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

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In addition, all developers can deposit Request for a quick transfer of their application on the platform. However, TikTok made it clear that requests will be evaluated based on their usefulness to users.

Finally, the Jump functionality is still being tested. Not all content creators have access to it yet. TikTok emphasized that those who are part of Creators Fund They can add leaps to their videos. For others, the feature will be rolling out soon, but we don’t know when exactly.

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