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Tom Hanks: Only four good movies?

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Is Tom Hanks Too Cruel? According to the magazine, he gives himself around 6% throughout his film career People.

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Alexandre Vinault

Alexandre Vinault

“I’ve made a lot of movies – and four of them are very good,” he says. The quote is taken a little out of context. Above all, the two-time Oscar-winning actor said how surprised he was, even after all this time, at the “miracle” of cinema, the process by which a spark of an idea turns into a movie.

Tom Hanks has starred in about 60 films, according to the Internet Movie Data Base ( If the actor thinks that there are only four “very good” (very good) movies on this imposing list, it’s because he gives a score of 6.66% for his cinematography. It doesn’t seem like much for an actor who has a star on the Walk of Fame.

Which of these 94 films, three of which have yet to be released, find favor in his eyes? Don’t say a word. You have to make your own decision.

We doubt he won’t put the treble The Da Vinci CodeAnd the Angels and Demons And the Hell at the top of his list. no franchise Toy Storywho only gives his voice.

Do you dare to deny forrest gumpHowever ? big ? forsaken ? Philadelphia ? Apollo 13 ? Saving Private Ryan ? mystery. Two of these films are clearly not quite up to par in his eyes.

Tom Hanks made this comment in an interview devoted primarily to his first novel, Create another masterpiecescheduled for publication in May 2023. His story, which appears to unfold over several periods, revolves among others around a director who decides to turn a comic book into a blockbuster.

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