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The Leafs would like to use Mitchell Marner on the Blue Line this season

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have no choice but to qualify for the playoffs this season. We say this every year, but in 2022, it’s even more true. There are several players in their final season on contract at Queen City and some of them, like Auston Matthews and William Nylander, only have one season left after this one.

The window of opportunity is slowly closing and it is not as if the next generation is in control. Furthermore it, NHL Chat On Instagram, a potential Toronto bank ranks 17th in the NHL.

Yesterday, Tony Marinaro was wondering if Rebuilding Toronto was a failure.

In short, this is all to tell you how Sheldon will be trying new things this season. He’s only thinking about the possibility of transferring Mitchell Marner in the center to the blue line.


I understand that Marner is in charge defensively, but…

Would putting him on the defensive really be a good idea? The guy is talented, but will he really make the best profession Who else has trained in this position all his life?

Note that in today’s training, the right-hander made a repeat to the right of the team’s best defender, Morgan Riley.

Moreover, Morgan Rielly, who is in Toronto for the next seven seasons, is not against the idea of ​​playing on the right, if it is to help the club.

As Luke Fox pointed out in the tweet above, Marner won’t always play in defense, but in big game situations (the Leafs were dropping a goal late in the third inning, for example), Keefe can use it at the blue line.

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Also note that the Leafs have been using Marner as a defensive second to the force for some time. The Menu Coach emphasizes that it’s a good idea to have options at your fingertips.

With Jon Tavares injured to start the season, the junior forward will likely not play as a defender. It will be the attack that will pull him in at this point.

I love the fact that Keefe tries combinations. He knows full well that his job may be on the line this season. (Still) The Leafs have everything to lose, and if they don’t start winning now, big changes could happen other than next season.

Is this an idea that will come true or is it just talk? Definitely, an indicator of close to 100 points and scored 35 goals Do not go for defence. But hey, I’m sure the Leafs know what they’re doing… or not.

Next place for him: the goalkeeper?

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For those who missed yesterday’s match.

– Photo opportunity for Canadians.

– He wants to play more.

– He has an appointment with the Joker.

– His last fight?

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