Tom Hanks suddenly intervenes to protect his wife, who is being crowded by a persistent admirer

Stay away from Rita Wilson who wants to!

Actor Tom Hanks had to step in with fans a little aggressively about his taste, Wednesday night, after dinner at a restaurant in New York.

Hanks and his 34-year-old wife, Rita Wilson, were leaving the scene when a crowd of fans and photographers rushed toward them to beg for autographs or to immortalize the scene.

However, one of them got a little too close to Wilson, so much so that they collided and the 65-year-old almost tripped.

The interpreter Forrest Gump did not make one or two, and stepped between his wife and several kiddams, declaring a little solemn: “BACK THE F*CK OFF!”

“Leave my wife? truly?

His slightly insistent fans may try to apologize, but Tom Hanks remains unmoved and doesn’t turn around to forgive them.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had just had dinner together after attending a screening of the Elvis movie, in which Hanks plays Colonel Parker.

They have been married since 1988 and have two sons: sheet (31) and Truman (25).

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