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Tom Wilson spoke with Artemi Panarin after the event

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(Arlington) Tom Wilson spoke to Artemi Panarin in the wake of the event everyone has discussed in the NHL this week, and he’s ready to turn the page on his latest spat.

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The Washington Capital striker gave his first interview since the clash against the New York Rangers Monday night resulted in the injury of Panarin, a $ 5,000 fine and Majnoon Showroom two days later.

Wilson said he is recovering from his upper body injury and added that he was happy to know that the Rangers star was getting better.

” I feel good ”

“I feel good,” said Wilson, who suffered a wound to his right hand after his furious fight with Brendan Smith Wednesday night.

I am glad Panarin works better. It is getting better. I’ve attached it, and that’s all that matters for now.

Tom Wilson

Wilson sparked outrage throughout the National Hockey League for his role in Scrum Monday night, after which Panarin learned that he would have to miss the last three games of the “regular” calendar due to his “lower body” injury. Wilson was exempted from $ 5,000 for bullying Pavel Buchenevich, but He was not penalized by the NHL Player Safety Department for throwing Panarin on the ice seconds later The decision was denounced by the Rangers, and he was fined $ 250,000 for damaging the reputation of Governor of Discipline in the League, George Barros.

Photo by Bruce Bennett, Associated Press Archives

The Washington Capital striker gave his first interview since the May 3 clash against the New York Rangers that left Artmi Panarin injured. Wilson escaped with a $ 5,000 fine and a real frenzy erupted two days later in the second leg between the two teams.


Wilson, who has been suspended five times in his name, the last of which was seven matches in March for giving Boston Bruins player Brandon Carlo some strips, is familiar with Barros and the player safety management.

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The feisty striker watched videos with Barros trying to find new ways to play on the legal edge without bypassing it, and he still believed Monday night’s events were not out of the ordinary.

“Scrum was very popular, in my opinion. It’s the impression we had on the bench. It’s clear that it took huge proportions after the meeting. These things are messy, a lot of things happen at the same time, but there was nothing.” Unusual for me at the time. ”

Photo of Bruce Bennett, USA Today

Monday’s event turned into real chaos two days later: there was only a second left in the Wednesday second leg when the three attackers from both teams, Nick Dodd, Karl Hagelin and Garnet Hathaway from Capitals and Kevin Rooney, Colin Blackwell and Philip De Giuseppe of the Rangers, respectively, threw the gloves.

With good build and “all eyes on him”, coach Peter LaViolet this week told him to stay calm.

“People see it a certain way,” said Laviolet. He must be loyal to his style of play, he has to play hard, he has to play physically, but at the same time he must realize that all eyes are on him as well. ”

A blow to the head of Oscar Sundqvist

Wilson is accustomed to the spotlight. Before presenting the tape to Carlo in March, he had not made the slightest mistake that triggered a hearing before the Players Safety Department since September 2018, when he illegally checked the head of St. Louis Blues striker Oscar Sundqvist. He was then suspended from 20 matches, and reduced to 14 by an independent umpire after missing 16 matches.

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However, Wilson’s reputation precedes him.

Teammate Lars Ellier said people who are drawn to the NHL world see it differently, which is a big part of the reason this story is making so much noise.

“After the streak, I never thought it would happen,” Wilson said. No matter what I say, it will not change people’s opinion, and their idea is over. I just have to turn the page and get on my way. ”

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