Traditional television is still at the fore in Quebecers

As everyone is gradually turning to streaming platforms like NetflixAnd Disney +And + AppleTV where desperately wantQuebecers remain loyal to traditional television. NLogic Just revealed that French-speaking Canadians watch an average of 8 hours more TV per week than the rest of Canada.

How do we explain this phenomenon? Danny Meloul, general manager of television at Radio Canada, reminds us that the people of Quebec are special. It is unique in North America. It is French speaking and its history is different from the rest of Canada. Television Quebec reflects this. “When Quebecers watch TV from here, it looks like they are, it brings them together. This is why they feel a greater sense of connection than they do when they listen to Netflix.”

“In Quebec, stories have always been told from home. It’s back in radio theaters and To the above countries. We tell ourselves as a community. This is the strength of Quebec TV,” he adds Jerome Helio, content manager at TV5 And United TV.

There is something for every taste
Far from competing with streaming platforms, broadcasters are constantly renewing themselves while staying healthy. “in home Radio CanadaWe say that there is no broadcaster without an audience. The public is always at the center of all our decisions. We always wonder who our content is directed to and what does that add to the panorama from here,” he says. Danny Meloul.

according to NLogicin Quebec, District 31 Holds first place in individuals from the age of 2 years + during Beautiful Annoyances 2.0 It is the favorite show for adults between 25 and 54 years old. Broadcasting since 2016 Radio Canada, serial District 31 It’s still at the top of the Numéris charts week after week. How do we explain this success? “It starts with a great story. Luke Dion (author District 31) is an exceptional author. It tells a simple story, but the characters are well-embodied and lovable. There is always a common thread that ensures that we come back every evening to find out the rest,” he explains Danny Meloul.

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On the side of the chain TV5 And United TV, the common denominator is francophone. “We try to do things differently, concepts that traditional chains can’t stand. As we are less dependent on ratings, we can take risks. We like to introduce new faces and grow boldness and charity,” she shares. Jerome Helio. For example, in the new show Hold a salon, the host Sophie Voron It brings the viewer to meet hairstylists, hairstylists and barbers in Montreal. Over the course of the episodes, we discover different cultures and societies across the city’s neighborhoods.

Social media, the new social pulse
Listening is essential to provide viewers with the content they will consume. Social networks prove to be valuable and important tools thanks to their spontaneity. When streaming files good bye Last year, we were looking at social media and we really had a feeling that people like what they’re watching.” Danny Meloul. the Bye bye 2020 It ended up breaking audience records with a confirmed audience of 4,662,000 viewers.

From their side, by TV5 And United TVWe don’t hesitate to ask our subscribers what they want to watch using our polls. “We ask them, for example, what they prefer between WattatoAnd Apartment 5NS where Hell Radio on Facebook or Twitter before buying it. They are extraordinary tools,” he says Jerome Helio.

Go to viewers
TV channels have been providing a complementary view on the web for several years. Recently, the new platform VAT + It was added to platforms like Ici.Tou.TVAnd noovo.caAnd tv5unis.caAnd, among other things, allowing Quebecers to watch live or rush shows from here. “TV as we know it has changed, but people are watching TV. Online consumption is a must. You have to be available online” Jerome Helio.

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The pandemic has forced channels to adapt their programming to new reality and innovation. Several good moves were made during this period: Good evening where take turns. The pandemic has made us stop and think. It acts as an accelerator or directional detector. What must fall will fall faster and what must appear faster,” he concludes Jerome Helio. It remains to be seen whether the pandemic will mark a turning point in the way television is made.

Danny Meloul (Radio Canada) and Jerome Helio (TV5 and Unis TV)

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