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Trump impeachment trial The video shocked the ally of the prosecution

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(Washington) A solemn fence with a usually silent atmosphere, the US Senate echoes this week with shouting, insults and miserable expressions coming from the shocking videos of the attack on the Capitol Building, which are the focus of the prosecution in Donald Trump’s trial, an unprecedented role for the image.

Michael Mathis
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With numerous clips taken from social media, this historic trial has taken over all major US cable channels since Tuesday, providing an even more appealing “scene” to the general public than the sometimes complicated explanations for the first 45 impeachment trial.H The US President on the Ukrainian issue.

Screens and speakers were fitted to this darker tone bike with wooden desks, thick carpets, and marble walls, which usually looks like from another time.

Only C-Span cameras were authorized to film sessions in Congress, and were not installed for the first time in circulation until 1986, sixty years after the invention of television.

For the 100 senators, the experience is totally unprecedented.

Republicans and Democrats shivered as they stood in their seats, and moved to discover unseen images of the deadly January 6 assault, which they suffered in their bodies as they prepared to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

If he refuses to testify, Donald Trump’s voice resonates endlessly in the upper room, and the Public Prosecution Office displays excerpts from his speech in front of thousands of supporters, right before the attack.

Vice President Mike Pence is a few meters away from the rioters, Republican Senator Mitt Romney, Donald Trump’s pet, suddenly turns when a policeman tells him he is heading into the crowd, a shouting cop who has been arrested in a vise: the elected Democrats who brought the accusation before the senators come forward Invisible or rarely seen photos, taken from thousands of hours collected by police.

They come from the security cameras and the media, but also, above all, the photos of pro-Trump protesters, who have shared on social networks, and sometimes live, their progress on the Capitol.

Lewinsky, video premiere

Mitt Romney, the former presidential candidate, responded by telling reporters it was “overwhelming” to discover these moments on screen.

The rioters searched Senate offices, set up in the offices of Democratic Leader of Congress Nancy Pelosi, then left a word for Mike Pence, “Justice Will Be Done”: Senators have revived the scenes that first affect your site.

“Yesterday’s presentation was very strong and heartbreaking,” Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democratic majority, told reporters on Thursday, which can be seen in these photos fleeing supporters of the former president.

He said, “I didn’t see myself in the pictures they showed.”

And new President Joe Biden has remained from the trial so far “shocked” by the videos shown on Wednesday, according to the White House. “I think some people may have changed their minds,” he told reporters. Even if the former president’s Republican allies are not indicating a shift.

This is not the first time that videos have been shown in a Senate courtroom.

This was the case during the first impeachment measures against Donald Trump, in early 2020.

Excerpts from Monica Lewinsky’s testimonies were shown in the Senate during the Bill Clinton trial in 1999, marking the first video presentation in more than two centuries of Senate history, according to his historians.

But if this testimony characterized the spirits, it did not occupy the same place as the harsh images of assault, which were the common denominator in the plaintiffs’ presentation.

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On several occasions, Democrats have had to issue warnings about upcoming content, such as these photos of a woman shot by police in the corridors of the House.

Donald Trump’s tweets also feature prominently in Democrats’ arguments. Evidence that clearly does not contain the accusers of Bill Clinton or Andrew Johnson, the first president who tried to impeach him and acquitted him … in 1868.

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