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Twitch banners again warn of rights issues

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By email, Twitch is indicating to broadcasters that “strikes” will fall within the scope of illegal use of music. This is not the first time that the video game streaming platform has triggered a wave of warnings.

Do you host your own Twitch channel and decorate it with some playlists that you made on your favorite audio streaming platform? You may receive a warning from the live video game streaming service. Indeed, the site the edge On May 28, it was discovered that a new wave of warnings was afflicting some videographers.

« We recently received a bunch of DMCA takedown notices with nearly 1,000 individual complaints from music publishers. Twitch said in an email the US website received. ” All claims revolve around VOD, and it’s aimed at the vast majority of players who listen to background music while playing video games or IRL broadcasts. »

An acronym for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a 1998 US law that has similarities to the French Digital Economy Trust Act. This provides a legal framework for rights holders to report copyright infringement they notice on a site. The latter should react quickly, by cutting off the sound of the respective clip, for example.

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Twitch recommends that you avoid using certain music

This isn’t the first time Twitch has made massive uploads. For example, we remember that in June 2020, many video game players appeared on social networks. To testify to a similar situation. Then many of them denounced the lack of notice allowing them to rectify matters, by pulling out the controversial content (s), to avoid punishment.

This time the platform appears to be intending to leave some room for those who risk receiving a warning. It has not been determined when this wave should be launched, what size it will be and whether it is actually underway. According to Twitch, the warnings target the use of copyrighted music tracks in recorded videos – that is, those that are preserved after the live broadcast.

Twitch has several tools at its disposal to block streaming music that has been detected not being played in public places. It can cut the soundtrack for the controversial clip or the entire stream. It can also remove the video from the site. Exceptions can also be pronounced. Typically, an operator that loses access to their channel is warned multiple times.

Although there are appeals procedures, Twitch’s general recommendation is to refrain from using soundtracks whose use rights are uncertain or severely restricted. When in doubt, the site also advises to remove the clips in this case. And in the void, you might go see the side of music without rights or go through Sonores de Twitch services.

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