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Twitter alerts you before a conversation gets ‘extreme’

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Twitter is undergoing changes and has just developed a whole new feature to protect its users.

Twitter is definitely the most divisive social network. If some users are an absolute fan, admire his candor and general second-rate, others, contrary to this view, find Twitter a place without dogma or law, cyberstalking, and racist comments, intertwined with impunity.

The social network itself realizes that discussions can sometimes be “capacitor”. In order to limit its reach to the uninformed audience, Twitter has been looking for solutions for a long time and has just launched a new feature on iOS and Android. baptized ” Attention “ It serves as a warning to the user about a file route, be the last or the ability to be ” capacitor “ According to the words chosen by the social network.

In order to fight his notoriety sticking to his skin, Twitter is trying to set up this type of notification by reminding users to “Communicate with Respect” In order to improve the platform. This new feature arrives after the French justice, and many countries around the world have requested the social network Detailing its means of action against hate messages.

How do you define an “intense” discussion?

If this feature is part of this dynamic, many of Twitter’s black spots remain to be clarified. The biggest unknown is that the criteria a social network takes into account to determine the discussion ” capacitor “ On the other hand, it’s somewhat ambiguous. If the latter explained in a nutshell that “The topic of the tweet and the writer’s relationship with whoever responds to it.” They’ll reckon, it’s hard to know more at the moment.

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One thing is for sure, Twitter wants change. And in this Desire to transformTwitter multiplies innovations, more or less good. For example, he launched legendary stories, like those on Instagram, but they never found their audience and immediately left the social network.

Another novelty on Twitter, still found, is Spaces. Audio spaces where thousands of users can chat freely. most popular They are always on the social network.

Despite its conflicting opinions, Twitter is today one of the most used networks around the world. With an estimated at least 326 million active users in 2020, including 12 million in France alone. Thus, Twitter ranks fourth among the most popular social networks in France. Behind Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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