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UK foreclosures: the ‘meal staple’ rule for ‘to be removed’ ads

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Bars banning pubs from serving alcohol unless a “big meal” is canceled once the lockdown eases.

Under Level 2 restrictions, prior to the nationwide lockdown, bars were forced to close unless they were operating as a restaurant, with customers forced to order food with alcoholic beverages.

However, Boris Johnson ordered the disputed measure to be revoked once the country began to reopen, according to The Times.

This comes after scientists demanded to keep bars and restaurants closed until May, warning that reopening the company too quickly could have a “catastrophic” effect.

Dr. Mark Bajolin, of Imperial College London, who is sitting on a set of epidemiological models advising the government, has warned that opening up the hospitality sector in the next three months could lead to another “bump” in transmission.

The Prime Minister will present his roadmap for England lockdown on February 22, including the dates when bars and restaurants will be able to welcome customers again.


Could this mean the end of the national scotch egg debate?


The Times’ sources said outdoor markets and outdoor restaurants should get the green light ahead of main street stores and indoor restaurants.

But they stressed that the plans are still “tentative”, with schools returning on March 8, the only date that has been largely confirmed.


In response to Friday morning’s demands, Secretary of State James Cleverley said he was unable to provide a timetable for lifting measures, but stressed that the plans would take into account “the needs of the economy. The mental health of people and the education of our children.”

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He told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “I cannot give you absolute guarantees as to when exactly the restrictions will be eased, in what arrangement and in what areas, I am not in a position to do so.

But these decisions will be guided by science. They will take into account the needs of the economy, the mental health of the people, the education of our children, all of these things are very important.

“And I totally feel the frustration that we all feel about these limitations, but they are there for a reason.”

Boris Johnson hopes to present a plan to ease lockdown measures in England at the end of February

This comes after Johnson hinted that the old four-level system in England will not be revived once the lockdown ends.

“The national approach, to downgrade the national rankings, might be better this time because the disease acts so much at the national level,” Johnson told reporters in Battlefield, West Yorkshire on Monday.

“If you look at how the new edition took off across the country, it’s a beautiful national phenomenon.

“The charts that I see, we all move in roughly the same way, I mean there are some gaps, some differences, so we may have options for a national approach, but there may still be an advantage in a certain regional differentiation. Keep an open mind on this.”

Ministers said earlier that they expected to return to the system of regional levels.

On January 27, Communities Minister Robert Jenric said, “It makes sense to target restrictions in places where the virus is most common.”

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