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UNO: Greek Gods Enters Ubisoft Game With Unexpected Immortal Content Fenyx Rising DLC

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Who does not know The One ? These great arcade classics are still as popular as ever, and are often the subject of many memes on the web and Was entitled to A signed video game Ubisoft In 2016 On the previous generation of consoles, before it was also introduced to Switch and Google Stadia. The publisher over the years has produced many DLC, Some highlight their own content licenses Rayman And the Just dance. Surprise, it’s a The height of the immortal phoenix That left these two leading titles in its catalog and thus lands in UNO.

It was sold for 4.99 euros in various digital stores for consoles and computers, and soon on Stadia, One: Quest of the Phoenix Break into at the same time Demo and first paid extension Dr’The height of the immortal phoenixAnd the New god. The cards are clearly displaying the various crossed deities in a gameUbisoft QuebecAs well as evil Typhoon And mythical creatures that are onIl Dor. Two cards Action Exclusive offers have also been added to spice up the party: Hurricane Trap And the Phoenix Force.

And if you prefer the immortal physical version of OneAnd the Amazon It sells for 8.09 euros.

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