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Uyghur Genocide | A lawmaker from the Quebecwa bloc wants the Beijing Olympics to be postponed

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(Ottawa) The Beijing Olympics should be postponed for a year, while an independent international observer mission visits Xinjiang to assess the situation of Uyghurs. And if China refuses access or the potential mission results are horrific, the event must be moved.

Melanie Marquez

Melanie Marquez

This is stated in the decision that was dragged in his bag by Quebec bloc deputy Alexis Brunel Dusip, who will travel to Prague on Wednesday to participate in the annual summit of the World Uyghur Congress. He is optimistic that the proposal will pass there, which would allow him to bring the issue back to the House of Commons debate table.

Three months before the opening of the Games, the elected official had to change his strategy. Which called for the event to be moved international – the proposal was contained in a proposal that was unanimously adopted last February in Ottawa – now proposing a one-year postponement, from 2022 to 2023.

In history, the Olympic Games have been postponed. In the recent past, those in Tokyo were notified a few months later, due to the pandemic.

It is possible! And if we are able to do this in the face of a pandemic, explain to me why we would not be able to commit genocide.

Alexis Brunel Ducep, Member of the Bloc

Sports federations and athletes, in general, are lukewarm to the idea of ​​boycotting the Games – which this decision won’t do, the MP insists – saying in particular it is a matter of political tools. “It’s just the opposite! I don’t want an authoritarian regime to use our athletes,” the elected official said in response.

Photo of Andre Pechet, press archives

The deputy said the Games should be postponed until an independent international observer mission visits Xinjiang to assess the situation of the Uyghurs


The Executive Director of the Defense of Uyghur Rights Project, Mehmet Tuthi, does not hesitate to compare these games to those held in Berlin in 1936. “Adolf Hitler used the event to glorify his Nazi regime. The Holocaust has not yet happened. Here, the genocide of the Uyghurs is underway,” he says. .

But calls to move or delay the big rally in Beijing are clearly facing opposition from the International Olympic Committee, where China wields significant influence, and the interests of multinational companies wanting to take advantage of it, said Mr Tothi.

However, in Prague, the decision should be adopted. And then, for the gesture to be truly multilateral, the other parliamentarians who will be there – there will be representatives from several EU countries – will be invited to present it to their parliament.

So it could return to the House of Commons, which resumes work on November 22. Last February, all MPs voted in favor of Governor Michael Chong’s proposal – who is also due to be in the Czech capital this week – except for ministers who abstained.

China hosted the 2008 Summer Games. At the time, the international community was concerned about the crackdown on Tibetans.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to attend the opening ceremony, which was criticized by the liberal camp at the time. However, two ministers from his government attended to take part in the event.

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It has not yet been decided whether the new sports minister, Pascal Saint Ong, will make the trip to China. The Winter Games opening ceremony is scheduled for February 4.

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