Uyghurs | Washington denounces the “baseless” sanctions from China

(Washington) On Saturday, US chief of diplomacy Anthony Blinken denounced the “baseless” sanctions taken by China against two US officials in the Uyghur file, stressing that this would only enhance “international interest” in “genocide” in Xinjiang.

France Media

“Beijing’s attempts to intimidate and silence those who defend human rights and fundamental freedoms only add to the growing international interest in the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang,” Blinken said in a statement.

China announced, Saturday, that it will impose sanctions on two Americans, a Canadian and Canadian parliamentary human rights committee, in response to sanctions imposed by the United States and Canada this week over Beijing’s treatment of the Uyghur minority.

The European Union, Britain, Canada and the United States adopted sanctions on several members of the political and economic hierarchy in Xinjiang on Monday, and China responded with sanctions against European and British figures.

“We stand in solidarity with Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union and other partners and allies around the world in calling on the People’s Republic of China to end human rights violations and abuses. Against Muslim-majority Uyghurs and members of other ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang and the release of arbitrary detainees.”

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