Vaccination: How to respond to parental concerns

Basically, it is not wrong to say that young people are, on average, less ill than old people and that they have fewer symptoms of illness. Is this a good reason to avoid vaccination? The experience of recent months also shows that parents often have questions about the long-term effects of vaccines on their offspring.

This explains why the vaccination rate for Quebecers aged 5 to 11 reached its peak at 58%, two months after the COVID vaccine was green-lighted for this age group.

Canadian Association of Science Reporters and Health Researchers science first organized this week webinar On the Covid vaccination in children. What is their attitude toward questions and concerns? Isabelle Bourgogne speaks with two of its members:

Parents are the group of people in Canada most reluctant to engage in traditional vaccination campaigns. What are the reasons given?

What is the misinformation circulating about vaccines? What do we now know to be wrong, compared to the fears that were rife a few months ago: myocarditis, for example, a dangerous side effect? What do we now know about COVID risks in young people: for example, post-COVID multisystem inflammatory syndrome? What do we now know about the risks of COVID in pregnant women and their vaccination?

Much of the burden of the epidemic falls on young people. Is vaccination for them, or to protect adults – as we hear so much on networks these days.

How should parents deal with their anxiety and what can or should be explained to children?

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