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Vaccination Passport: Refractories Are Hard to Convince

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The vaccination passport is putting pressure on the last Quebecers who haven’t been fully vaccinated, but experts believe the last heat-resistant isn’t going away any time soon.

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There was no rush at the gate of vaccination clinics in Montreal on Saturday.

Immediately, Angela Favard was also one of the few who specifically wanted to be vaccinated so as not to be intimidated by the passport.

“It’s going to the stores, otherwise I wouldn’t have had it [la deuxième dose] Before traveling,” the 43-year-old said.

The number of doses injected daily continues to decline, despite the new government measure, according to data from the National Institute of Public Health in Quebec.

You have to remember that this is not the main purpose of the passport. The idea is to have a greater margin of safety, to reduce the risk of transmission,” emphasizes Drs Amir Khudair, microbiologist.

The former MP believes that if this measure is expanded to more places, including universities or shopping malls, he will have a better chance of persuading the last skeptics.

An idea shared by the chief of intensive care at Charles Le Moines Hospital, Drs Germaine Poirier.

“If we get to 85-90% of vaccination, I think we can say mission accomplished,” the doctor says.

It reminds us that Quebec is already one of the most vaccinated places in the world with 80% of people being doubly vaccinated at the age of 12 and over.

Germaine Poireer does not believe that giving more privileges with the vaccine passport, such as the right to take off the mask, can convince another rebel.

At the moment, the health situation does not allow this, he says, stressing the importance of vaccination.

“If you don’t want to be vaccinated for yourself, at least do it for others,” the doctor, who said he currently has three COVID-19 patients in his unit, appealed to three people who have not been vaccinated.

it topping

The weekly number of people vaccinated rose from 291,000 to 220,000 at the end of August


The rate of people eligible to receive at least one dose, according to the most recent assessment.

intensive care under pressure

Health Minister Christian Duby said on Twitter on Saturday that the number of beds ordered in intensive care due to COVID-19 had increased by 36% since last week.

“And patients are staying longer,” the minister added, stressing that the total number of cured cases remained stable.

Quebec also recorded 666 cases on Saturday, an encouraging number over the 750 infections announced on Friday.

Cases explode in Ontario

The number of new infections in Ontario rose on Saturday, passing the 900-case mark. Unheard of since May.

Of the 944 new cases, 736 involve people who have not been adequately vaccinated.

The day before, the most populous county had recorded 807 cases.

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Facing a fourth wave, the Ford government announced this week that it will follow Quebec’s lead by imposing a vaccination passport from September 22.

gift card unvaccinated

Having become the epicenter of the country’s fourth wave, Alberta will be giving out a $100 gift card to those vaccinated by October 14.

This exceptional measure was announced at the same time as the return of compulsory mask-wearing indoors, a restriction that was lifted this summer.

Currently, 70% of Albertans who are eligible for vaccination have received two doses, 10% less than in Quebec.

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