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Vaccination Passport: ‘We won’t be able to play cat and mouse every year’

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The arrival of the vaccine passport in Quebec, which must be announced Thursday at 1 p.m., will prevent major reintegration operations like the one we’ve known for over a year due to COVID-19.

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In an interview with TVA Nouvelles, Dr. Horacio Arruda emphasized that “you can’t close a company like we did”.

“We’ll have to accept a certain level of hospitalization and even a certain level of potential mortality, but we won’t be able to constantly play cat and mouse every year,” he adds.

So the National Director of Public Health explains that a vaccination passport “will likely be able to help us avoid some important restrictions”.

It presents in particular, for example, the case of gyms where, in the past, when there was an outbreak in an institution, all gyms were closed.

“There, when there’s an outbreak, when there’s a situation we want to control, I think with vaccination, it’s an important tool,” says Dr. Arruda.

The latter ensures that Quebec’s secrecy is respected.

“Of course, we will ensure that people have informed consent and that confidentiality is respected for people,” he explains.

According to Dr. Arruda, a return to normal life is synonymous with double pollination, but it also depends on the impact of variables.

“We’ll go back to normal, probably, when everyone gets two doses and we’ll see the effect of the delta variable,” says the National Director of Public Health.

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For him, wearing a mask and staying away is still the order of the day, even if Legault’s government increases distancing rules from two meters to one on Wednesday afternoon.

“If people sing or people go to the gym, it’s going to take two meters because there’s already more exudate and we know these droplets fall off quickly,” says Dr. Arruda.

“So the issue of divergence remains in the current context a very important thing,” he adds.

One thing remains necessary to be able to make health measures more flexible.

He recommends, “What we should remember this summer is to get your dose of the vaccine to allow us to have more freedom.”

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