France created a literary prize to highlight digital culture

Agora 41, a think-tank set up by the French Agency for Computer Security, ANSSI, has launched the first edition of its “Electronic Novel Award” “Rewarding Books” dealing with cybersecurity, e-culture or digital culture and the web world”.

The prize, awarded €3,000 (more than C$4,400), “rewards the author of a work of fiction of high literary value written in French (or translated into French), published between April 30 of the previous year and the firsthe is May of this year,” according to a press release from Agora 41.

“Some time ago, ANSSI, notably through the voice of its General Manager, Guillaume Poupard, came to the conclusion that cyber reality is no longer intended for an environment of engineers,” continues the Circle, asking: “How can the imagination, how the artifacts we put Is there, voluntarily or not, to help build tomorrow’s thought and reality?”

The jury is made up of personalities from different backgrounds, such as Mr. Boppard, CEO of publisher Kalman Levy, Philippe Robinet, journalist Sophie Fay or University computer science teacher Marie Duflot-Kremer.

The award will be presented on October 4. Nine novels were selected for first selection in early July. Among the authors is for example Alice Zeniter, with Like an empire within an empire (Flamrion) and Sylvain Forge with save her (Fayard). A second selection is scheduled for September.

How can the imagination, how can the artifacts that we voluntarily put there or not, help build the thought and reality of tomorrow?

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