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Vaccine passport under trial in Montreal | “What we want is to avoid closing our institutions.”

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Customers at Taverne Midway in downtown Montreal presented their QR code before setting aside a table Friday evening, as part of the third pilot project to test the vaccine passport. A successful test of the institution also attracted about fifty demonstrators who came to express their opposition to this measure.

choral laplante

choral laplante

Trumpets reverberated on rue Saint-Laurent, as protesters gathered on the sidewalk in front of the pub, just across the street.

“My body is my choice” and “freedom”, chanted opponents of the vaccine guide and waved placards mentioning “Nazi passport”.

Police officers from the city of Montreal and security guards were in front of the pub.

Photo by Sarah Mungo Burkett, press

Several minutes later, protesters crossed the street to swear at the restaurant’s bar customers through the windows. A man held a cross while others held cardboard banners that read “QR code, steal precious private data”.

The rebel had dispersed in the middle of the lane. The situation was brought under control a few minutes later, when the police intervened.

from 1He is In September, Quebecers will have to be adequately vaccinated if they want access to gyms, restaurants and “heavily crowded public events”. A minimum of seven days after the injection is necessary for the vaccination passport to be valid.

Photo by Sarah Mungo Burkett, press

Use at the entrance to the Quebec-designed Taverne Midway app to read QR codes confirming customers’ vaccinations.

Successful test, but management is expected

The pilot project at Taverne Midway aims to test the reading of QR codes and an app designed by Quebec for this purpose.

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At the entrance to the restaurant, a staff member was checking QR codes for customers using this app. Apart from the pilot projects, companies will have to provide a mobile phone to download.

If a person has been adequately vaccinated, a green light will be displayed in the app. Then an identity document is requested. If the QR code is not active, a red warning will appear on the screen.

Charles Landry, owner of Midway Tavern, sighs as he sits down to talk to him JournalismIn the middle of this eventful evening.

Photo by Sarah Mungo Burkett, press

Charles Landry

“The reason we’re doing this is to help our community of restaurants and bars in Quebec, which in any case will have to live with a vaccination passport,” he says. The Foundation did not want to take a position on this issue. “What we want is to avoid closing our institutions,” he continues.

For more than a week, Taverne Midway has been the victim of a wave of hateful comments on social networks, from people opposing the vaccine passport. Despite everything, Mr. Landry does not regret embarking on the pilot project.

Arnaud Boir, an employee at Taverne Midway, was responsible for scanning QR codes for customers. He did not notice any major computer problems early in the evening. “We have always adapted. We will just adapt to the new situation,” he says, in response to the implementation of the new procedure.

For Charles Landry, implementing the vaccine passport is a logistical issue. “A vaccination passport takes more time,” he says, than a customer registry.

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The owner hopes that procedures will be eased for restaurants and bars in the county once the vaccination pass is issued, especially regarding the two-meter distance between tables and the intake limits.

Marjorie LaRoche, a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Social Services, confirmed that everyone can download a QR code reading app, because everyone can download their own code. You can also print your own QR code.

Since the pilot projects are voluntary, no one was denied access to the restaurant bar.

Customers in favor of vaccination passport

Midway Tavern customers met Journalism They were satisfied with the pilot project.

“I specifically came here this evening to be able to audition [mon code QR] ‘” says Christine Ole. Her friend Johane Couture did not download her QR code correctly, by mistake, but she supports the vaccination passport.

Photo by Sarah Mungo Burkett, press

Christine Oleh and Johann Couture

Nicholas Denomy considers the operation of the vaccination passport to be “very simple”. “At first, I wasn’t necessarily with a vaccination passport, but if that’s what it takes for businesses [restent ouverts], I like it better than seeing everything shut off,” he says.

Photo by Sarah Mungo Burkett, press

Nicholas Denomy

“I was very moved when they scanned my code, and there is no delay,” said Mark Schlosser, delighted that Quebec made the decision to prepare a passport for a vaccine.

Two more pilot projects, two events

Photo by Caroline Gregoire, archive the sun

The first pilot project was carried out on August 11 and 12 at the restaurant La Cage in Lebourgneuf in Quebec.

The first pilot project took place on August 11 and 12 at the La Cage de Lebourgneuf restaurant in Quebec. Many protesters came to the institution to express their opposition to the permissibility of vaccination.

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Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the health guide was tested at the Éconofitness lounge in the Vimont district of Laval. Vaccine opponents also expressed dissatisfaction in the gym’s parking lot.

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