Windows 11, Microsoft publishes first install ISOs!

Microsoft has officially released the first Windows 11 ISO images, and they allow you to test the operating system through a virtual machine. It is also possible that it precedes the installation from the beginning.

The arrival of these ISOs is an opportunity to discover the new OOBE that Microsoft has to offer. OOBE is a contraction NSOutside NSF NSbull NSExperience. This is the software that helps the user during the installation process.

On the other hand these ISO They are not “general”. It is published as part of the Windows Insider Program. It also indicates that they are installing a “preview” version of Windows 11, version 22000.132 which cannot be considered sandboxed. It should only be used for testing and not on a personal computer.

Windows 11 and install ISOs

It is very likely that Microsoft will provide an update in the coming weeks. This will be done if a new version of Windows 11 that is stable enough arrives. At the moment, the giant does not provide any information on this topic.

Windows 11 and the New Installation Experience (OOBE) - Name Your PC

Windows 11 and the New Installation Experience (OOBE) – Name Your PC

The company confirms

When you use these ISO files to install Windows 11, you will experience the new installation experience of Windows 11 (Often referred to as an “Out of the Box Experience” or OOBE for short) it’s designed to get you excited about Windows 11 from the moment you turn on your new Windows 11 PC for the first time. Based on your feedback, we also added the ability to name your PC during the installation experience. After you run the setup experience, Getting Started is a new first-time startup experience that will help you get set up quickly on a new PC. “

Windows 11 is expected to be completed next fall. It is normal to schedule the start of publication before the end of the year. This will only be the first step. The condensation process will take place next year, in 2022.

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