Venice Film Festival: Dedicate Denis Villeneuve’s Dedication Day?

The massive red carpet at the Palazzo del Cinema is ready to welcome him and the company of stars — Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, and Josh Brolin — for this new adaptation of this classic science fiction literary book by writer Frank Herbert.

The big premiere at the Venice Film Festival, in 2011, fromfires Then in 2016 Access (Access) will enable Denis Villeneuve to conquer the world.

The conventional expression means that there are no two without three. Bécancour director wants to repeat the same scenario for his movie Dune.

Finally, the movie will appear on the big screen and be celebrated in a cinematic context! We have been waiting for this movie for a year. I am very happy to be here in Venice. This festival brought me luck in the pastHe told us in the days after his arrival at Lido in Venice where the event is taking place.

Partially critical drop

The Venice International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world and one of the most famous. Journalists from all over the world will attend the various press presentations of Dune And at the big press conference.

future of Dune It was played in part during the Mostra, when the first reviews of the film will be written in Venice. After that, the Canadian public will be able to form their own opinion from October 22nd.

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If all goes well, there will be a sequel to the movie, because I made half a movie of some sort. It’s all a bit surreal to me.

Electric switch Dune It was a childhood dream of Denis Villeneuve. After four years of work, he said he is happy and satisfied with the end result. Honestly, it’s not uncommon for me to say that. I’m usually tough on what I do, but it’s a movie I’m proud of because I’ve been able to put images on screen that have haunted me for decades., trust.

Going to please this teen who dreamed so badly while reading the novel was one of the hardest jobs. There are images in this movie that move me a lot.

Quote from:Denis Villeneuve, director

References to the classics

In addition to honoring the director’s novel by Frank Herbert code runner 2049In 2017, he wanted to pay tribute to all those classic cinematic movies that have always inspired him.

I saw this movie as a celebration on the big screen. For the first time in my life, I allowed myself to put up cues here and there to enjoy great films that influenced me. It’s discreet, but some references aren’t confidential at allLaughs.

Approximately 4,000 people participated in the creation of the film, which is more than the population of the director’s original village.

It’s a great team, it was a bit pharaonic project, Confirms.

But at the end of the day, they’re still actors in front of the camera. My job is to focus on intimacy with the camera. When I shoot, I forget everything else. I have the ability to focus, to be a little autistic in relation to my surroundings.

We cross our fingers

turn Dune It cost nearly $200 million. In Venice, an entire marketing team ensures that the media machine is racing to stimulate interest in the film.

Emotional filmmaker Denis Villeneuve speaks first from the heart, but shows abandon before release Dune.

We keep our fingers crossed to make sure the show runs smoothly and that the audience receives the movie as we designed it. After that, I had no more control and let the movie go.

Communication work Tania Lapointe

On the red carpet, you’ll see Denis Villeneuve with Tania Lapointe. Former Radio Canada Journalist and Documentary Film Director Laforton on paper He is an executive co-producer of Dune.

A woman and a man wearing black clothes.

Denis Villeneuve and Tania Lapointe at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday

Photo: Getty Images / Vittorio Zunino Celotto

My role was very much in staff management and communication. With a team of thousands of people, the vision must be communicated to everyone on the team. I also supervised the team filming stunts, she explained to us in an interview.

For her, as for Denis Villeneuve, this first time in Venice is her victory.

We have been dedicated to this project for four years. In cinema, we don’t always work in glamorous conditions. The red carpet is a spark and a great reward especially after all that waiting.

Quote from:Tania Lapointe, co-producer

From her point of view, Dune It will show the great machine that is this movie. At one point Stephen Henderson, who plays Thofer Hawat, got into the sets and said, “I feel like I’m stepping into a pyramid.” That’s kind of it. DuneWe are surplus.

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On Saturday, 12:30 p.m., ICI RDI will air a 30-minute special on Denis Villeneuve and the movie. Dune. The show will be repeated on Sunday at 4:30 pm.

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