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Vichy (Aller) and her lights seen from a perspective…from science fiction

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It all started a few years ago. Remembers! A flying saucer from the planet Oxo has landed in central Bourbonne, near Glenny. This little fairy tale was the subject of a book and movie: Cabbage Soup! And yes, friendship bonds have been forged across time and space between the Oxoins and a few lucky Bourbonnais. To facilitate these first exchanges, Oxo engineers built a spacecraft, carefully disguised as a water playground, at Bellerive.

Presented as a swimming pool, this spacecraft allows the auxin to come to Vichy.

In Vichy (Aller), guided tours go back to the origins of Christmas during the holidays

Those with more interest will quickly notice that once a week, generally between 2 and 3 a.m., the bowl covering the aquatic stadium circles across the stars, in the direction of Oxo. If the flight tempts you, head to the ticket office discreetly.
Another machine, the pride of the city, the giant cruiser des Ailes. He actually made his first test flights in complete secrecy. This machine makes use of extraordinary technology. He goes back in time by going to his future destinations. We were told, that it could have arrived the day before he left. You cannot stop the progress. This bowl will ensure regular contact with the Proxyma du Centaure.Isles neighborhood under the mysterious neighborhood of Badr…

Experiments with Christmas decorations?

The centaur is impatient with the idea of ​​being able to attend the celebrations of Napoleon III, and to see the races at the racetrack.
Another experiment: the space-time tunnel. Temporarily installed under the guise of Christmas decorations near the post office, it is associated with the planet Aquarius. It is home to amphibians that are impatient to finally discover the Celestine waters, adorned with its famous and sensual bubbles. Be careful, they look like little frog elves and have the art of sneaking all over them.Could this tunnel at the Place de la Poste be a prototype for travel to the planet Aquarius?
If you find one in the cup, you can take it to the town hall where it will be carefully packed. There is a legend that claims that if you give them a kiss, they can turn into a charming prince or princess… You can always try.
Finally, if you pass by the stars of the Parc des Sources, see if you see Oxoins by chance. They are easily identifiable by their clothes. A little like Santa Claus.Illuminations and Christmas decorations in Vichy Star Garden Vichy Spatial Sources.

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