Design defect is the subject of a class action

Apple is the subject of a new class action lawsuit in the United States. The reason is a battery malfunction that is not without danger to the user.

Wound risks

Indeed, according to documents sent to US courts, Apple will be aware of the risksHowever, it has reportedly continued to use the same design over the years and Apple Watch models.

Although it knows that the battery can suddenly swell, the company hasn’t made enough space inside the Apple Watch for it Expands freely without affecting the dial The screen and/or does not have built-in protection to prevent it from contacting the face of the screen‘Can we read in the complaint.

In addition, the battery bulges”It creates a lot of pressure on the Apple Watch screen, causing the screen to break off, shatter and/or crack. When this happens, it exposes its sharp edges and results in operational failure and/or injuries Caused by unintended physical contact with a broken or cracked screen.

Even Chris Smith, a user who owns the Apple Watch Series 3, tells us that Involuntary cutting of the vein because of this problem. All connected watch models (except the last 7 series) are affected by this complaint.

Note that in 2019, The US judiciary rejected a similar complaint. The judge held thatThe Apple Watch error was not caused by defective batteries or defective internal components.

case to follow.

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