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We stay in Canada for its eggs!

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Do you know Woody Allen’s gag about the guy who thought he was a chicken?

Everyone asked his family members why they didn’t send him to a mental hospital for treatment.

They replied: “We like it, but we need eggs …”

crazy case

This is Quebec versus Canadian federalism.

Why does Quebec still want to stay in Canada when all indications are that Canadian federalism is detrimental to the future of the people of Quebec?

“We would like to leave, but we need all the benefits that Canada gives us…”

It’s the same. Same crazy answer.

The same surreal situation depicted in Woody Allen’s Gag.

Staying in Canada to take advantage of the “benefits” of federalism is like giving shelter to a man who thinks he’s a chicken because it allows us to get free eggs.

It does not stand.

In fact, we are more likely to see a man lay an egg than to see Canada ensuring the survival of the language, culture and people of Quebec.

legend will collapse

Have you seen the figures for the status of the French in Canada?

It’s disastrous.

The French are stumbling at high speed.

And if you think the situation is reversible, you take your sister’s husband for a hen.

At some point, you have to wake up.

Stop taking desires for granted.

The French have as much of a future in Canada as the Japanese do in Sweden.

Do you think immigrants entering Canada will learn English and French? Out of respect for the bravery and daring of the French speakers who have been involved for nearly 500 years in building this country?

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lets see!

People who migrate here want to improve their living conditions. Will speaking French help them find a job in Toronto or Saskatoon? no.

do it.

Soon, if not already, there will be more Canadians who speak Mandarin and Hindi than French.

And on that day, the myth of the two official languages ​​will collapse.

The representative of the Canadian head of state does not even speak French, Simonac!

I love that!

I don’t know how Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon managed to keep calm.

I, if I were in his place, would bang my head against the wall.

There is no advantage for Quebec to stay in Canada. no one.

For the vast majority of Canadians, Quebecers are just one ethnic community among many.

French is not more important than Turkish.

Our opposition to cultural pluralism is evidence of our blatant intolerance.

And secularism close to our hearts is a disgrace, we do not say a crime.

And want to stay in this country?

“Yeah, but I love him mmmmm!” »

And we’re about to kick off the PQ and more!!! Sebul, let’s wake up!

When you make the rug, don’t be surprised if everyone wipes their feet on you…

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