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What Does Star Level do in Clash Royale – A Comprehensive Guide to Star Levels and Customization

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In Clash Royale, a real-time multiplayer mobile game developed by Supercell, players collect and upgrade various cards featuring characters from the Clash of Clans universe. Star Level is a feature introduced to the game to add a new layer of progression and customization to your cards. This 500-word guide will provide an in-depth look at Star Levels in Clash Royale and how they affect gameplay.

  1. What are Star Levels?

Star Levels are a cosmetic upgrade system in Clash Royale that allows players to enhance the appearance of their cards. By upgrading a card’s Star Level, players can unlock visual enhancements called Star Skins, making their cards look more unique and visually appealing. Star Levels do not impact the actual performance or stats of a card; they are purely for cosmetic purposes.

  1. How to unlock Star Levels?

To unlock Star Levels for a card, you must first reach King Level 13, the highest King Level in the game. Once you have reached King Level 13, you can begin earning Star Points, which are required to increase a card’s Star Level.

  1. Earning Star Points

Star Points can be earned in several ways:

a. Card Upgrades: When you upgrade a card to its maximum level, any additional copies of that card will be converted into Star Points. The amount of Star Points earned depends on the rarity of the card (Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary).

b. Season Rewards: At the end of each season, players receive Star Points based on their highest trophy count achieved during the season. The higher your trophy count, the more Star Points you will receive.

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c. Challenges and Special Events: Occasionally, Clash Royale offers special challenges and events that reward players with Star Points upon completion.

d. In-game Purchases: You can also purchase Star Points with Gems, an in-game currency, through the game’s shop.

  1. Upgrading Star Levels

Once you have accumulated enough Star Points, you can use them to upgrade the Star Level of any max-level card in your collection. The cost to upgrade a card’s Star Level varies depending on the card’s rarity and the desired Star Level:

  • Star Level 1: 10,000 Star Points (Legendary), 2,500 Star Points (Epic), 1,000 Star Points (Rare), and 250 Star Points (Common)
  • Star Level 2: 20,000 Star Points (Legendary), 5,000 Star Points (Epic), 2,000 Star Points (Rare), and 500 Star Points (Common)
  • Star Level 3: 30,000 Star Points (Legendary), 7,500 Star Points (Epic), 3,000 Star Points (Rare), and 750 Star Points (Common)

Each card can be upgraded to a maximum of Star Level 3.

  1. Star Skins

Upgrading a card’s Star Level unlocks new Star Skins, which are unique visual enhancements for the card. Each Star Level upgrade adds a new cosmetic element, such as a golden glow, sparkling animations, or special visual effects during deployment or attacks. The appearance of a card’s Star Skin becomes more extravagant as its Star Level increases.

In conclusion, Star Levels in Clash Royale provide players with a way to customize the appearance of their cards and showcase their dedication to the game. While Star Levels do not directly impact gameplay or card performance, they offer an additional layer of progression and personalization, making the game more engaging and rewarding for dedicated players. By reaching King Level 13, earning Star Points, and upgrading your cards’ Star Levels, you can make your card collection stand out from the crowd and display your achievements in the Clash Royale arena.

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