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Why we should be choosing online casinos made with Canadians in mind

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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The internet has made the world a smaller place. It seems as if anything can be accessed from anywhere. Using a virtual private network (VPN) even allows you to bypass controls set by different countries and opens up most of the internet. With so much freedom and choice, it might not seem that important where a website is based or who it’s designed for. In some cases that is true – the Rijksmuseum’s Rijksstudio is a fantastic example of a website that is free from any local constraints and is an important art resource for anyone who is interested, regardless of where they live. Online casinos are a different matter. No matter where you live, it is best to choose an online casino that is made with your circumstances in mind. There are several reasons why.

No legal issues

One major reason that Canadians should choose a casino made with them in mind is to avoid legal issues. The gambling industry is regulated differently in every country and these laws are often complex and fairly strict. It is unfair to expect average citizens to be aware of every single gambling law in their country, province, state or region. Some online casinos are based out of countries with relatively relaxed gambling laws and this can lead to issues when they operate as offshore casinos for gamblers from countries with stricter laws. Many other online casinos are based in Malta – this is not because the country has weak laws but because it has transparent and consistent gambling laws, overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority, which make the process clear and fair.

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While it’s unlikely that an individual will be prosecuted for placing bets with an offshore casino, the stress involved in illegal betting is just not worth it. An online casino made with Canadians in mind will obviously adhere to Canadian gambling laws, making it a worry-free experience. Mr Green online casino is one example of this framework – it is licensed in Malta but designed for Canadian players, and the result is an online casino that follows clearly established laws in both its licensing country and where it is used.


The majority of the internet is in English. In the 1990s, nearly 80% of the internet was in English and while this dominance has waned in the last decade, the majority of the internet is still only accessible to speakers of a handful of languages. This is great for anglophones but can be very frustrating for people whose first language isn’t English. Online casinos made with Canadians in mind should recognise and respect the bilingual nature of the country and offer their users the option to access the sites in English or French. This might seem like a minor issue to outsiders but having your language and culture acknowledged is very important for many people who are in a minority language group within a country. Obviously, the biggest pushes are to ensure that governmental and educational materials are accessible to all but being able to access online leisure activities, like online casinos, is also important.

Less difficulty

Using an online casino that was designed with Canadians in mind means there is less hassle involved in playing the games you want to play. In the first place, there is no need to worry about currency conversions. Not only can converting currency be confusing, when you don’t have a choice, sometimes you can get stuck with a conversion rate that isn’t accurate and ends up needlessly costing you money. Many banks also charge fees for making purchases in foreign currencies or have fees for making currency conversions. Playing at an online casino designed for Canadians means you won’t have to worry about the currency.

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There is also no need to worry about using a VPN if you are gambling with a casino made for Canadians. Online casinos usually are location specific, meaning that you can’t use them unless you are located in that country. A VPN allows you to mask your IP address and access these websites but that creates its own problems. Not only is it a time consuming and repetitive process, it’s illegal! No matter how cool an online casino from New Zealand or the United Kingdom looks, it’s not worth the legal trouble. A hassle-free experience comes from using an online casino for Canadians.

Canadians deserve to have online casinos that cater to them, not online casinos designed for Americans that extend access to Canadians. Just because America and Canada share a border doesn’t mean they have to share online casinos too!

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