What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome that Justin Bieber suffers from?

Canadian singer Justin Bieber revealed, in a video posted on his Instagram account, that he has Ramsay Hunt syndrome, and that he has partial facial paralysis.

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The singer’s announcement shed light on this somewhat unknown syndrome.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a complication of shingles or the chickenpox virus that occurs when a seizure affects the facial nerve near the ear. In addition to facial paralysis, it can cause hearing loss.

It can also cause a painful rash on the ear or face, facial weakness or paralysis, difficulty closing your eyes or eating, and feeling dizzy.

Anti-inflammatory or antiviral medications are usually given to patients with this syndrome.

If the nerve is not seriously damaged, the chances of recovery are very high.

Most people make a full recovery if treatment begins within three days of symptoms appearing.

If the infection is not treated, sequelae may remain.

Source: Mount Sinai Medical Resources Hospital, New York

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