“Who’s Next”: an album that has stood the test of time

Many music lovers know the album who is next Because it’s one of rock’s best classics. Discovered by another audience through the headlines Father O’Reilly And Will not be fooled again , Which were the opening themes of the TV series CSI: New York And CSI: Miami.

who is next, Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, it is part of the year 1971, which was a milestone in the history of music.

In the summer of 2012 the magazine rolling rock Rated this album at 28NS Ranked among the 500 best albums of all time. And in a renewed ranking, it fell in the fall of 2020 to 77NS Ring.

It was launched on August 14, 1971, who is next I followed rock opera Tommy, Another classic from British Training was released in 1969.

Guitarist and vocalist Pete Townsend was working on a project called life house, which was to be the quartet’s next album. Singer Roger Daltrey, bassist John Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon found this adventure too complicated, their manager Kate Lambert disliked and this rock opera is dead. Townshend, who developed a lot of ideas in his studio, for life house, He tells that he suffers from depression as a result of this failure.

The Who, who made his mark with the double album Tommy, Reworked some ideas life house and they scored who is next In the spring of 1971 in England. Eight of the nine songs come from the project life house.

after five months, who is next, Their fifth studio album was in stores.

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UK Prime Minister

On the cover, we find members of who, around a stone structure, have just peed on it. A reference to the mysterious monolith from the movie 2001, space flight D Stanley Kubrick.

With strong titles like Papa O’Reilly, love is not to hold, song’s over, go mobile, behind blue eyes And Will not be fooled again , The album reached number one in the United Kingdom, number two in France and the Netherlands, number four in the United States, and number five in Canada.

Criticism was unanimous. who is next It is considered the best album of the quartet from London.


Director drummer and drummer Butch Vig was in high school when he discovered what had become his all-time favorite album.

I bought this record when it was released and listened to it with headphones over and over again. I wondered how Townshend performed with keyboards and sequences. No one has heard anything like this on the album. I was fascinated by the production and this orchestral sound made by three musicians,” he said in the magazine Rolling rock.

Pete Townshend was also fascinated by the sounds generated by the synthesizers that would integrate with them who is next, As musical instruments, the world of rock music.

“They let me do things I couldn’t do otherwise, like the sounds of orchestras and trumpets and French strings. You press a button and all of a sudden it plays at double speed,” he said in the magazine pages. Rolling rock.

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