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Windows 10, Microsoft is collaborating to solve ‘Sound’ issues between Chrome and Youtube

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Microsoft is working in partnership with Google to find solutions to audio problems facing the Chromium Engine and some web services. Edge and Chrome browsers will benefit from this integration.

There have always been reports of problems playing audio in YouTube and Chrome Browser for Windows 10. In many cases, no audio is reported even though a video is playing at maximum volume. According to Google, YouTube receives hundreds of these reports every day. In 95% of cases, this error relates to computers running Microsoft Windows.

The search giant has three reasons for this absence of sound

  • User disconnected YouTube by mistake,
  • The playback device has changed (this happens if there are two monitors connected with an audio connection),
  • Windows 10 driver error.

YouTube and Chrome

Google A. Established To approach Microsoft and more specifically the YouTube team in preparing beta tests to address these audio issues. Redmond naturally accepts knowing that their Edge browser runs under the same engine as Chrome. So all the work done will benefit his browser as well.

We learned that a new feature is under development to allow Chrome to solve these issues. At the same time, Microsoft is trying to improve the dialogue between Chrome and Windows 10’s Sound Manager.

The two companies do not provide any timeline at this time. Therefore we do not have a publication date about these changes and improvements.

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