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WWE RAW Results for April 5, 2021

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WWE RAW Recap for April 5

WWE RAW Saint Petersburg, ThunderDome

Commentators are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe.

– Tonight is WWE RAW, The Red Show starts Drew McIntyre when he arrives in the ring and we see a video of last Monday’s events between him and Bobby Lashley. MacIntyre says it’s the last RAW version before WrestleMania, five days before WrestleMania. WrestleMania last year was very special and once again fighting for the WWE Championship. MacIntyre says Lashley went out of his way to get him out of the game, but that will happen regardless. MacIntyre says he sacrificed a lot to get this place. Birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. He left his family with one goal of going to WWE and becoming a champion. He did not forget that his mother asked him via Skype to keep moving forward and make sacrifices. Keep moving forward and TLC matches and the like. Would Lashley be the man willing to sacrifice everything?

MacIntyre says tonight that he will pass by Corbyn and go to WrestleMania to end this era of greatness. Bobby Lashley and MVP arrive. He asks Lashley if he quit talking about him last year. He realizes that it took many years to be at the top, but only one can get this place. It is the time of the era of the Almighty. Everyone feared the Scottish warrior, but he saw fear in MacIntyre’s eyes. He also saw MacIntyre vibrate while locking in hurt. At WrestleMania the same thing would happen and McIntyre wouldn’t be able to do anything. MacIntyre says Lashley is playing hard, but he needed help to help him. They can only fight now, too. MVP says it doesn’t work that way, it’s WrestleMania on Saturday. The day MacIntyre loses his dignity, loses consciousness and loses the match. MacIntyre says he should give up everything and become an Uber driver. Or he could go to WrestleMania and pass Lashley to reclaim his title.

MVP says he talks a lot so he probably won’t even be able to make it to WrestleMania. King Corbyn’s music begins and he goes up on stage. Corbin says he started something last Monday, and it will end tonight. Drew will have no WrestleMania, no title, and he has to face the facts. Tonight he’s kicking McIntyre’s ass.

– Again after the break, behind the scenes, Riddle paused a new day. Covey says they will remain the champions. How is Riddle in his match against Sheamus? Riddle says he’s ready, but Ali still has a problem with him.

Singles match

Xavier Woods Accompanied by Kofi Kingston AJ Styles vs. Accompanied by Omos

At the end of the fight, Kofi dismisses AJ, and Woods takes the opportunity to throw an AJ to a count of three.

Winner: Xavier Woods

– In the parking lot, a car arrived and Bad Bunny drove off with Damien Priest.

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– Back, Strowman has reached the ring as the cage is. Strowman says his whole life was bullied by men like Shane McMahon. Men who don’t understand what he can do. Shane tries to provoke him, but Shane doesn’t understand what’s getting into him. Shin can talk as he pleases, but when the cage door closes, Shin cannot escape. Strowman says he would hit him, but also anyone he was told wasn’t good enough. No game, Shane will be caged with a monster. At WrestleMania, at the end of the match, when he punches Shane all over the cage and smashes his face into the cage, the last thing Shane hears will be a body bag here. Because at WrestleMania Shane will have his hands. Shane McMahon’s music begins and he goes up on stage. Shane says he feels a lot of anger with Strowman. When he gave Strowman the opportunity to choose the condition he was seeing his intelligence. A Steel Cage Match, an option that isn’t actually that stupid. On paper it looks like the fight would prefer Strowman if he was just a man, but he’s McMahon, he’s going to defeat Strowman in the cage. The next day, Strowman will look at himself in the mirror and think he’s stupid.

One-on-one handicap match

Braun Strowman v. Elias and Jackson Riker

At the end of the fight, Strowman does his PowerSlam for both men for a double count of three.

Winner: Braun Strowman

– Behind the scenes, stop Kevin Mays and John Morrison to find out what they’re doing with the paint. Miz says they are great artists and have a job to do. Miz and Morrison approaching Bad Bunny’s car. Morrison asks if he really wants to do this. Miz says there is a scratch in the car, which needs to be repaired. Miz and Morrison begin painting on the Bad Bunny.

– Once again, we see Bad Bunny in the parking lot who discovered his car full of paint. Miz and Morrison arrive to attack the hare from behind.

– In a video earlier today, Ripley said she was not going to convey her strategy, she knows what she will do tonight as a team with Asuka and then at WrestleMania.

– Once again it is confirmed that we will have Tag Team Turmoil on Saturday at WrestleMania and the winning team will face the Champions on Sunday.

Tag Team Match – Untitled

Asuka and Ria Ripley against China Päsler and Nia Jax

At the end of the fight, Asuka gets to the corner, but Ripley pushes her down the ring! Ripley hits Asuka and throws her into the ring. Pawler rode Asuka and covers it to win.

Winners: China Päsler and Nia Jax

– Behind the scenes, MVP takes his messages and Cedric Alexander arrives and hangs it on the wall. Shelton Benjamin arrived and told him he had to listen carefully. Alexander says MVP dared to say he was a shame on the group. MVP is a shame, because without them Hurt Business wouldn’t know. He may not win, but he promises to leave an imprint on Lashley. He can’t wait to see McIntyre show off who Lashley really is. Benjamin and Alexander leave. Sarah arrives and asks the MVP if he’s worried about Lashley’s game. MVP says no, but he’s frustrated with Benjamin and Alexander arrogance. Because of him they were the team champions, they wore the suits and the rest. Bobby Lashley arrives and says he’s going to split it in half.

– Backstage, Sarah pauses Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to comment on their WrestleMania 37 match. Nia Jax says they’re ready. Lana and Naomi have arrived, and Lana says they are, too. Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose arrive, and Rose says they are there too. Natalia and Tamina arrive and say the same thing. Liv Morgan and Robbie Riott will also arrive. Billy Kay also arrives saying that Carmella is looking over her resume for her selection. Nia says she does not have time for this. The heroes are leaving.

– We present a video of the rivalry between MacIntyre and Lashley.

Singles Match – Untitled

Bobby Lashley Accompanied by MVP Opposite Cedric Alexander Accompanied by Shelton Benjamin

At the end of the fight, Lashley applies his agonizing lock on Alexander to beat him.

Jagannant: Bobby Lashley By submission

– After the fight, Benjamin enters the ring with a Lashley punch, but Lashley pushes him back and applies a Hurt Lock to surround him.

– Back, we present a video of the rivalry between Randy Orton and the Devil.

– Bad Bunny and Damian Priest have arrived in the ring. Priest says Miz and Morrison crossed the line tonight because the rabbit is the symbol of music. The Miz is so busy with Bad Bunny that he hasn’t been able to be a hero for more than a week. It’s easy to beat one person. So at WrestleMania, he shows other things and druid and bunny do against Miz and Morrison at WrestleMania ! Bad Bunny says he is here to pursue his dream. Respects business and stars. He remembers watching RAW, SmackDown, and PPVs with his father, family, and friends. He has good memories, but now he doesn’t know how to act or what to think. He came here to enjoy and do his job. He is grateful for his luck in the Royal Rumble because he liked Booker T because he loves Triple H, Ric Flair, Stone Cold, and more. He even respected and loved Miz, but Miz hadn’t respected him since day one for no reason. He knows what he’s done and he’s not a professional wrestler, but he learned.

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Bad Bunny says Miz doesn’t respect his career and his fans for no reason. He knows he’s jumping around the corner at the Royal Rumble, but that’s no reason to attack him with a guitar or paint his car. Who does Miz think? He respects Miz’s accomplishments, but Miz has gone too far. He doesn’t know the reason, and it doesn’t matter. This Sunday at WrestleMania he will show Miz how he respects him. Miz will kick and shut up. Miz and John Morrison cut the hare on a Titan Tron. Miz says it was a great performance. Miz says the rabbit does not deserve its place here. This Sunday they will humiliate the hare. Morrison says a tag team fight is acceptable. Miz and Morrison leave in a limousine.

– Behind the scenes, Sheamus Mustafa Ali stopped. Ali says that it was because of Riddle that al-Qasas died and he is not a hero. Tonight he will take care of Riddle. Sheamus says they have the same goal and will be hanging around to encourage it. Sheamus wants to keep talking, but Riddle walks with his motorcycle.

Once again, it has been announced that Baby Rexa will sing the WrestleMania American anthem.

– Sheamus sits with commentators for the upcoming fight.

Singles Match – Untitled

Riddle versus Mustafa Ali

At the end of the fight, Ali wants to place an order, but Riddle knocks him out with his brother Derek to count to three.

Jagnant: Riddle By submission

Behind the scenes, Kevin asks if Drew MacIntyre feels threatened by King Corbyn. MacIntyre says he understands he wants to give it a try and take his place at WrestleMania. Corbin is dangerous, he will be ready for anything. But in the end the score is always the same, Claymore’s kick and he will be the WWE Champion.

– Coming back, we are introducing the map of WrestleMania 37 which will be taking place this weekend.

– Behind the scenes, Sarah asks Bobby Lashley if he would rather face MacIntyre or Corbyn at WrestleMania. Lashley says he’d like to face MacIntyre to sleep.

Singles match

Drew MacIntyre vs. King Corbyn

At the end of the fight, the MVP approaches the ring and gives his stick to Corbin. Corbyn wants McIntyre’s punch, but MacIntyre shuns him and gives him his Claymore kick to count the three.

Jagnant: Drew MacIntyre

After the fight, Bobby Lashley arrives on the scene and the two men look at each other.

Image credit: WWE

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