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Yon Science Festival: Two Scientists Talk ‘Passion of Discovery’

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“When I was a kid, my parents had an atlas of the world with an astronomy section. There was a big picture of Saturn with its rings that amazed me.”

From these first emerging scientific passions, physicist Vincent Beaudon made his way. Today, the director of research at CNRS is working to understand the way particles absorb or scatter light, so that he can measure its abundance and physical properties at a distance, in Earth’s atmosphere or in the atmospheres of planets and exoplanets. “Science is first and foremost curiosity, the desire to understand what surrounds us. And when we get there, when we see that the calculations we have made adhere to what we observe, we are very happy.”

“Wonder comes from feeling understood.”

Tadeush Sliwa (mathematics)

“Science brings meaning,” adds mathematician Tadeusz Sliwa, professor and vice president for cultural policies at the University of Burgundy. For him, too, the “passion for discovery” was born from childhood. “When I was nine or 10, I was already programming on my computer. I was trying to make sense of the idea of ​​form. The wonder comes from feeling understood,” he says, emphasizing that he “has tested this on a number of occasions.” Since That moment.Tadeusz Sliwa: “When you think about it, science is everywhere. It’s cool. Take our cell phones for example: it’s an invention you won’t even find in fairy tales!”

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The joy summed up in “Eureka!”

It is to convey and celebrate this joy, this enthusiasm which the scholars summed up in the famous Eureka! It is attributed to Archimedes, that this year the Festival of Science has chosen the theme of “The Passion of Discovery”.

Four highlights of the 2021 Science Festival program in Yun

Since its inception thirty years ago, the event has been intended to build bridges between scholars and citizens, especially the younger ones. Tadeusz Sliwa asserts that “everything is done in order to open dialogue, reduce misunderstanding,” referring to the broad “science and society” plan launched by the state, which aims specifically at renewing the pact between researchers and the population, by introducing more familiarity in their relationships. Trust and reciprocity.

“Science is not a tyrannical truth. There is always a scientific debate. Once you learn science, you think of shades of gray instead of black and white.”

The most important share of this period of health crisis, where distrust of the scientific community seeps through the holes of fear and ignorance. Tadeusz Sliwa asserts that “the darkness of all kinds that is presently rising is of great concern to us.” The mathematician knows it: “Science is not an autocratic truth. There is always a scientific debate. Once you’ve practiced science, you think of shades of gray instead of black and white.”

Observe the world and ask questions. Despite their years of experience, Tadeusz Sliwa like Vincent Boudon never stops getting involved in this tireless endeavour. “When you think about it, science is everywhere. It’s amazing. Take our cell phones for example: it’s an invention you won’t even find in fairy tales!” Enthuses Tadeusz Sliwa. Who, since childhood, has kept his capacity for emotion intact.

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A scientific village was established in Auxerre on Saturday 9 October 2021

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, all day long, a science village was set up in the Inspé building, the National Higher Institute of Education and Teaching, at 24 rue des Moreaux in Auxerre. About fifteen workshops are offered. Thus visitors will be able to discover that “robots have feelings”, conduct “amazing experiments” or even ask if “nettles are such a cannabis as we say?”.
Exercise. The Scientific Village is open from 10 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5 pm. All animations are free. Information: Tel., e-mail: [email protected]. The full program for the Fête de la science can be found at Echo Sciences

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