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You bite a human finger hidden in a burger

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A young Bolivian woman claims she bit a decomposing human finger while eating a burger at a fast food chain, a shocking discovery she shared on her social media.

“When it was time to eat, I chewed a finger,” Estefani Benitez wrote in a post on her Facebook page, recounting the incident that allegedly occurred at a hot burger restaurant in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on Sunday.

In the photos she shared, we can see what looks like a human finger, according to the New York Post.

I also photographed the young woman when she went to file a complaint with the manager. He was offered an amount as compensation, explaining that the meat was not prepared on site, but the meatballs had already arrived ready to cook.

Facebook: Estefany Benitez

“Nothing like this has ever happened to us before,” the young woman reassured us.

Then a spokesperson for the company gave explanations to the media that showed interest in the case: one of the employees who prepared the meat lost a finger, the information confirmed by the local police.

After the story was published, the Bolivian authorities temporarily closed the business and imposed a fine.

The woman who discovered the finger does not rule out suing the restaurant chain.

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