4 Things You Must Store in Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities

A self-storage unit may prove useful in many different scenarios. It can be used to house items between relocations, or you can use it to help keep your home office organized. Some people even use them in order to keep their homes safe so that they can sell items in a secure location.

In Richmond Hill, you can choose from regular storage units and climate-controlled storage units. Knowing the difference between the two types is important. Here, we will focus on 4 things that you must store in climate-controlled storage facilities.

1.  Furniture made of wood and leather

You can use climate-controlled storage units in order to store furniture that is made of wood and leather. Temperature fluctuations can cause serious damage to leather and wooden furniture.

The wood may deform or split if you opt to store it in a regular storage facility for a prolonged period of time. The damage can be so severe that you may not be able to salvage the piece. Moreover, leather is also vulnerable to temperature fluctuations.

When leather is exposed to elevated temperatures, it tends to dry out rapidly. The high heat will make your leather couch or chair more uncomfortable to sit on. Even the aesthetic beauty of your leather furniture will be diminished over time when exposed to high heat.

2.  Electronics and appliances

A climate-controlled unit is also necessary in order to store televisions, laptops, desktops, video game consoles, handhelds, tablets, cell phones, media players, monitors, and other electronics and appliances.

The internally housed components may be harmed by severe temperature variations over time. The mechanical elements may also be impacted negatively if the items are not stored in a storage facility that has climate-control features.

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For example, wiring may begin to fall apart. Certain components may begin to rust, while others may outright shatter if they are not protected. Dangerous or precarious situations should be avoided whenever possible.

You do not want to have to worry about hazardous leaks, fires, water damage, electrocutions, or other problems that can damage thousands of dollars worth of electronics and appliances.

3.  Business documents and inventory

A climate-controlled storage unit is a must if you need to store valuable and confidential inventory and business documents. A standard storage unit is not a great option, as your office papers will begin to discolour or fade in just a few weeks.

Left inside long enough, the papers will be permanently damaged. If you are storing confidential documents, then you will likely need to access them in the future. Ensure that they are still legible once removed from storage by opting for a climate-control-based storage unit.

A climate-controlled storage unit can be rented for a small fee. Simply speak to a representative from the company in order to discuss your storage needs, and they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

4.  Musical instruments

The amount of destruction that can possibly be wrought on a musical instrument or component will depend on the type of instrument that you wish to store. A stable temperature will ensure that your musical instruments will still be in pristine condition when you return to the facility to retrieve them.

Musical instruments tend to be very fragile and delicate, so you need to treat them with care in order to continue to enjoy them for years to come. Wooden instruments are very vulnerable to distortion when they are exposed to significant temperature variations.

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As for brass instruments, they are susceptible to corrosion and rust when they are exposed to marked temperature changes.

Some string and percussion instruments have parts that are glued together. As such, being exposed to extreme temperatures will irreversibly reduce the strength of the adhesive, increasing the likelihood that they fall part or break.

Protect What Matters Most

A climate-controlled unit is designed to manage humidity and temperature levels according to what you wish to store. Humidity and heat will cause moisture to be produced. Left unchecked, mould, mildew, and other contaminants may develop.

If you want to protect your assets from damage, then a climate-controlled storage unit will take care of the problem. Such units ensure that a consistent temperature will be maintained 24/7, 365 days a year.

Therefore, your items will remain in immaculate condition no matter how long you store them. You won’t have to worry about the elements causing any trouble.

You should also ensure that your storage facility provides 24/7 surveillance monitoring, deadbolt locks, motion and light sensors, individual alarms or sirens for each unit, and remote access so that you can keep tabs on your belongings even when you are away.

Simply discuss what you need with your provider in order to enjoy a custom-tailored solution that will provide peace of mind and maximum security for all of your items.

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