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9 minutes to charge a smartphone using the Oppo SuperVooc 240 W

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At MWC 2022, Oppo has come up with a new 240W fast charging technology. This power record can fully charge a smartphone in less than 10 minutes.

Recharge the Oppo SuperVooc at MWC 2022

Oppo SuperVooc recharge at MWC 2022 // Source: Oppo

9 minutes is the time it takes to cook a hard boiled egg. This is also the time taken by Oppo to fully charge the smartphone.

force explosion

The MWC 2022 It is an opportunity for brands to show their muscle in a riot of new technologies. Everyone goes there with their new mobile product to make an impression. This year, a special place has been allocated to a computer, but smartphones are still around. Admittedly, the biggest brands have already been launched, but this does not prevent manufacturers from offering something else.

Oppo, for example, doesn’t have much to prove in 2022 after it was excellent Look for the X5 ProBut the Chinese brand has a habit of introducing new technology at the Catalan fair. Mostly about the picture or express shipping. This year, is the second choice.

240W fast charging

24 volts for 10 amps, that is, 240 watts. That’s the power of Oppo’s new SuperVooc fast charging that was revealed at Mobile World Congress 2022. With this speed, the manufacturer claims to be able to charge a standard smartphone to 100% (so with a battery of around 4,500mAh) in just 9 minutes. 3 minutes and 30 is enough to find 50% battery.

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Some will find it difficult to understand why Oppo has revealed two fast charging technologies simultaneously: one with 150W, like realme – A brand that belongs to the same group of BBK Electronics – and the other is at 240 W. Because the first is realistic and could be available from this year on consumer products, while the second is only proof of concept To set a new record.

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If this feat is remarkable, we imagine that this power should put the phone battery to the test and that it will be difficult to maintain the correct temperature while charging while not reducing the durability of the accumulator and maintaining a compact format of the smartphone. Suffice it to say that if you have 9 minutes in front of you and a smartphone … you can always cook an egg yourself.

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