A Nigerian office develops the educational app “Sabee” – La Nouvelle Tribune

Facebook’s opening of its offices in Nigeria bore its first fruits. Indeed, according to an announcement issued by the platform “Tech Crunch”Social network engineers have developed an application that will be used in the country in the field of education. This tool is called “Sabi” It aims to promote exchanges between learners and teachers. According to the first interpretations, the application will allow whoever wants to know to contact whoever knows.

Nigeria has 50 million learners, but only 2 million teachers. With this little early quiz, we hope to understand how we can help teachers create communities that make education accessible to all. We can’t wait to learn from the early testers, and decide what we’ll do from there.”, Tell Emeka OkaforFacebook Product Manager.

First appearance on Google Play

The first appearance of the application was made on Google Play. It was to be withdrawn at a later time. Remember, this app was built just less than a year after Facebook engineers arrived in Nigeria. This is the first residential office for engineers in West Africa.

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