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A total lunar eclipse visible with the naked eye in France on May 16 –

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This total lunar eclipse is the first to appear in France since January 2019. When will we have the opportunity to observe it?

Get up early!

This is an event not to be missed! a eclipse The full moon will occur on May 16 and will be visible to the naked eye in France. The astronomical phenomenon can be observed in particular from the American continent, but also partially in Europe and Africa. In Metropolitan France, moon You should start taking orange from 3:30 in the morning, when it gets dark. The phase of college in which the moon turns reddish will begin at 5:29 a.m., according to reports. Southwest. So it will be necessary to get up early to be able to appreciate it.

Eclipse for 84 minutes

total duration ofeclipse It will be over 84 minutes. However, the shadow of the earth cast on moon It will be different depending on your location. Thus, the moon will be at the heart of the earth’s shadow in central France and will be about to depart at sunrise in Brittany or in the Basque Country. If a lunar eclipse does not present any danger to the eye, it is always advisable to use a binoculars or an astronomical instrument (telescope or telescope) to observe this phenomenon.

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