A virus considered dangerous is spreading to the messaging service

After the huge controversy raised by WhatsApp over the sharing of private user data which prompted many subscribers to move to other platforms, the rest will have to face a new problem. This is a new malware that controls the user’s activities on the app. It was discovered by a cybersecurity researcher Lucas Stefanco Dist Who warned users about this new virus, which spreads very easily.

According to the researcher’s explanation, once the phone is infected with the phone, it spreads by automatically sending a deceptive download link to the received WhatsApp messages. The way the virus spreads can easily be deceived if no one is warned because the link directs to an official app for Huawei In the download store Play Store From Google. « This malware is spread through the victim’s WhatsApp application by automatically responding to all WhatsApp notifications with a link to a malicious version from Huawei Mobile He explained ESET Lucas Stefanco.

Private data is at risk

While installing the malicious app, the user is asked for numerous permissions to access important features such as access to notifications, staying active in the background and the ability to view an overlay on your other apps. These permissions allow the app to display fake ads, as well as direct it to fake pages that aim to recover their victims’ private data, such as passwords and bank details. For now, the only way to protect yourself from the virus is not to click on suspects in the Play Store.

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