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Alouettes training changes | Harry Jones: ‘It was the decision’

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Danny Macciusia and Alwette invested a lot of money to improve their defensive front last winter. After a promising start to the season, the team has been less productive recently, which led to the departure of Todd Howard, who has been the defensive line coach since 2019.

Miguel Bogold

Miguel Bogold

The team announced on Sunday that Howard will be replaced by Greg Quick, who was already with the club as an assistant defense and on special teams. On Tuesday, the organization announced this time around that Kipker Byron Arcambault will inherit the Kwek position. Archambault will also retain his position as the player personnel manager for football operations.

After speaking with several people in the organization, Jerry Jones felt it was time to make a change in coaching staff.

“I felt like this was the team decision and that’s what I had to do. It wasn’t easy, I’ve worked with Todd for a long time and I have nothing but good things to say about him. But he is no longer the right person for the job (suitable). »

Defeated in four of the last five matches, did Aloett make Howard a scapegoat?

“Not at all,” Jones replied.

David Maynard, like his head coach, believes the organization made the right decision by thanking Howard, who joined Aloette in 2018.

“When a team does not have a winning record, the organization will seek to make changes. We had holes in our defensive front in terms of assignments and passes (Gaps) for defence. “I think one of the right things to do is to make a change and that’s what the organization has done,” Maynard commented.

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“We will implement the concepts that the coaches have called for. If the concepts are a little porous, we cannot replicate ourselves to achieve success in the Games. We are doing our best and the organization has decided to make a change specifically to address their small flaws. I think it is a positive.”

Maynard loved what he saw from his new coach on Tuesday. Kwik’s first training was as a defensive line coach.

“What he basically wants is to simplify the gameplay system so we can play more intensely. He’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, he just wants us to play more quickly.”

“I think my style will go well with this group of players. I am very impressed by the maturity and professionalism of our workers and our midfielders today. [mardi] “Quick order.

“I hope to bring some passion and a sense of urgency, which will allow us to make the most of every moment, whether it’s in the boardroom or on match day. You have to have that sense of urgency and I hope that is what will allow us to progress.”

Jones also believes Quick will be able to work alongside Baron Miles, who has not been a defensive coordinator until this season.

“Greg has been in this league for eight years and has over 30 years of coaching experience. He is a strong coach who brings a lot of energy. He has been a defensive coordinator in this league before and will be a good resource for Barron.”

Job Archambault

Hired by Macciusia to be part of Alwette’s football operations, Arcambault shone when he spoke to reporters on Tuesday. The former full-back was the perfect candidate to replace Quick as assistant defense and special team.

Andre Pechet’s photo, press archives

Byron Arcambolt

“The more I can do, the better!” Said Arcambault, who coached special teams and quarterbacks at the University of Montreal Carabinieri from 2017 to 2019.

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“I think I can bring energy and give a new lease of life. A different person brings ideas out in a different way.”

“The coach of the special teams has a very heavy workload, so if you can ease his task and make sure that we communicate better with all the players on the team, we will be better off.”

Archambault noted that there is a good dynamic between him and Quick, Miles and Special Teams coordinator Mickey Donovan, who is also the linebacker coach.

“In any defense, there will be loopholes. The important thing is to communicate well and that aspect is what we are emphasizing on at the moment,” said the former Tiger Cats.

“I had the opportunity to be a coach at the University of Montreal and I loved it. It’s the same with scouts and my role in Aloet football operations, so being able to do both is a dream. And I’d give everything I could. If I had to get three or four hours of sleep every night, This is what I will do.”

Apology from Ibn Adams

Before answering reporters’ questions on Tuesday, Vernon Adams Jr. apologized. The quarterback has responded sharply to the clerks’ questions over the past few weeks, clearly disrespecting RDS reporter Didier Ormagist in an interview after Aloet’s loss Friday night in Toronto.

“I want to apologize to the fans, Didier and all the journalists for the way I handled after the match. I take so much pride in my work and it’s frustrating to lose it. I will work on that aspect and continue to improve as a player and leader. You don’t have to take it with you, you just do your job.”

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Additionally, Adams Jr. trained on Tuesday, and the rib injury he sustained against the Argonauts won’t stop him from facing the Tiger Cats on Saturday in Hamilton.

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