Arcadegeddon: New PS5 multiplayer game has been leaked

The developers behind Friday the 13th: The Game (Multiplayer game inspired by the famous slasher) and Predator: hunting grounds (Another multiplayer title, also inspired by cinema) Embark on a new adventure with Arcadedon. While Sony ramps up PS5 productionThis new title was leaked in due course. The information comes from organizations that handle video game ratings in South Korea and Taiwan, and therefore appears to be quite reliable. The new game from studio IllFonic is expected to be revealed in more details during التفاصيل playing condition from this evening.

Arcadegeddon logo and text leaked – credit(s): IllFonic

The gameplay and story of Arcadegeddon are rumored to be quite different from previous IllFonic games. As for the gameplay, the game will focus on “A co-op multiplayer experience that offers a mix of PVE and PVP experiencesAs for the scenario, the player will reincarnate Arcade boss trying to save his business from a huge conglomerate. An adventure that radically deviates from horror movie quotes and no longer relies on uneven gameplay. At the moment, we don’t have more information, so we’re making an appointment within State of play tonight اللعب To learn more.

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