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Best Fancy Brunch Spots in Toronto 2023

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Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is known for many things – its iconic skyline, international diversity, bustling sports culture, and, most importantly, its vibrant food scene. Whether it’s the rich multicultural cuisine, the quirky food festivals, or the passionate community of food lovers, Toronto’s culinary scene is a haven for gastronomes worldwide.

An often-underrated aspect of this food paradise is the delightful brunch culture. With a unique charm that’s often as varied and dynamic as the city itself, Toronto’s brunch spots range from cozy, quaint diners to elegant, high-end restaurants. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the top fancy brunch spots in Toronto that perfectly encapsulate the city’s love for late-morning meals.

Best Fancy Brunch Spots in Toronto

1. Colette Grand Café

Located in the heart of Toronto, the Colette Grand Café is a classic choice for brunch-goers. The French-inspired café offers a refined, elegant setting with its grand chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling windows, and chic interior design.

From smoked salmon eggs benedict to their signature croissant sandwiches, Colette Grand Café’s brunch menu pairs traditional French cuisine with local ingredients, offering an enchanting blend of comfort and sophistication. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a mimosa or a cup of their exquisite French press coffee.

2. Canoe Restaurant & Bar

This upscale dining spot located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower offers more than just great food — it offers a stunning panoramic view of the city. Canoe’s weekend brunch is an extravagant affair, with dishes that pay homage to Canada’s rich heritage.

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Their menu features unique Canadian ingredients such as Alberta bison, Nova Scotia lobster, and Quebec cheese, taking your palate on a cross-country journey. The duck confit and potato rosti is a must-try, offering an unforgettable symphony of flavor.

3. Café Boulud

Located in the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel, Café Boulud, run by the famed Chef Daniel Boulud, offers an upscale French brunch that is nothing short of extraordinary. The interior design boasts a contemporary elegance that sets the mood for a posh brunch experience. Their brunch menu is diverse, offering dishes such as duck a l’orange, lobster salad, and an outstanding selection of house-made pastries. Their brunch cocktails, particularly the Bellini, are a perfect way to elevate your brunch experience.

4. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

While not as overtly opulent as others on this list, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village maintains a minimalist-chic aesthetic that’s both welcoming and stylish. Their locally sourced menu is impressive, presenting an assortment of dishes that cater to every palate.

The standout dish is Mrs. Biederhof’s legendary light and fluffy blueberry buttermilk pancakes, served with a wild blueberry compote and Lanark County organic maple syrup. This is indulgence at its best.

5. The Hazelton Hotel’s ONE Restaurant

The brainchild of celebrity Chef Mark McEwan, ONE Restaurant in the swanky Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville offers a contemporary, innovative take on brunch. The chic ambience, beautifully complemented by the patio seating option, provides an ideal setting for a fancy brunch outing. Offering delectable dishes such as the truffle scrambled eggs, wagyu burger, and their popular avo-toast, ONE embraces a bold approach to brunch that keeps patrons coming back for more.

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6. Miku Toronto

Miku, located at Bay and Queen’s Quay, offers a unique brunch experience with its renowned Aburi cuisine. The restaurant’s stylish, modern décor provides a fitting ambience for their sushi-focused brunch menu. Miku’s Kaisen Tier is a crowd favorite, featuring Aburi oshi sushi, sashimi, prawn cocktail, and fresh oysters. For those with a sweet tooth, the matcha s’more is an inventive, delicious way to conclude your brunch.

7. The Chase

Nestled in Toronto’s financial district, The Chase merges fine dining and casual comfort seamlessly. The restaurant is known for its seafood-driven menu and a rooftop dining area offering a stunning view of the Toronto skyline. Their weekend brunch menu is an elegant affair with favorites such as the Dungeness crab benedict and the ahi tuna tartare. For a sweet finish, try their famous cinnamon brioche French toast.

8. Aloette

Aloette, the sibling restaurant to the celebrated Alo, presents a simpler, yet refined approach to its brunch service. Located on Spadina Avenue, Aloette’s interior mirrors a sleek, modern diner, yet provides an upscale experience. Their brunch menu is filled with reinvented classics, such as the Aloette burger with Beaufort cheese and the crème brûlée French toast. Their Bloody Caesar, a Canadian brunch cocktail staple, is a must-try.


Situated on the 31st floor of the St. Regis Toronto, LOUIX LOUIS is known for its grand bar, dramatic interior, and beautiful city views. The brunch menu features indulgent dishes like the King’s Cake (a fluffy pancake tower with cream and fresh berries) and the smoked salmon eggs benedict. The restaurant’s Old Fashioned is a delightful brunch cocktail, further enhancing your luxurious brunch experience.

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10. CLUNY Bistro & Boulangerie

Located in the historic Distillery District, CLUNY Bistro takes a non-traditional approach to French cuisine. With its quirky yet elegant interiors and a menu that’s full of surprises, CLUNY Bistro offers a vibrant brunch experience. Their ratatouille and poached egg tartine is a vegetarian delight, while the duck confit cassoulet provides a rich, satisfying option for meat-lovers.


Brunch in Toronto is not just a meal; it’s a social event, a midday celebration that combines the city’s diverse culinary scene with its lively, cosmopolitan vibe. Each restaurant on this list offers something unique, whether it’s a stunning city view, a unique culinary fusion, or an extraordinary take on classic brunch dishes. These fancy brunch spots demonstrate why Toronto continues to be a leading foodie destination in Canada, and indeed, the world.

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