Bethesda Exclusive on Xbox, Pete Haynes Apologizes, Todd Howard Ruthless

Will you buy a PC, Xbox, Game Pass membership, or give up on Bethesda games?

Image Credit: Bethesda

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Conduct the interview in succession Jamespot and the telegraphand Pete Hines VP of Marketing and Communications and Creative Director Todd Howard seem to have a diametrically opposed stance towards the PS5 community.

at JamespotPete Haynes admits he still plays titles on PS5. For Starfield Exclusive on Xbox and PC “All I can say is I apologize, because I know this is frustrating.”

On his part, Todd Howard said in an interview with telegraph (paywall) has no regrets and does not consider the fact of not having to develop on PlayStation as an advantage in order to “focus and play the game I want to make, which will make it possible to make a better product”. It must be said that the developer has been using for years to juggle three different systems, PC, PlayStation, Xbox. This requires building a specific version depending on the power of the machine, and it takes time and a dedicated team.

Anyway, why this difference in treatment? Pete Haynes is a communicator, someone who is used to sparing the other party, so he will naturally be more conciliatory and understanding in his position in order to try to pass the pill better, and do his best to try and maintain a positive image.

For his part, Todd Howard has games to deliver on time, and he won’t have to get bored on PS5 between the different graphics modes to add to those in the Xbox series. Instead of developing for four platforms, PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5, it now only has three. And then, technically speaking, you’ll also benefit from all of the support of Microsoft’s engineers to get your Xbox to work after Bethesda becomes Microsoft-owned. In his day-to-day work, focusing on other elements is comfortable and less restrictive.

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